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  • R-Bit

    UMA 25S – For everyone who hasnt got anything, 3 things in one at a good price

  • Gimme some presents

    Liquid Rhythm costs $129 but is placed under the $400 > category.

  • Adriano Liuzzi

    the focusrite VRM box

  • Lucas Jensen

    Rolling in Bitcoin. Epic.

    But, when will you be accepting bitcoin? Serious question.

  • Darren E Cowley

    I think a subscription to the modular series from http://www.isotonikstudios.com should be in the stocking list for any ableton user!

  • DJtonality

    I think Rob Swifts master class DVD should be on the stocking stuffers list. I know its on my wish list!

  • chris

    the Headphone amp is very nice. I have seen them in self-made, and named than as a “Cmoy” – on the >the-gadgeteer.com<. But there are so many different colors in sound, so you have every time to search for your prefering place.

    today is my birthday and i will give some tune to you DJTechtool

  • Oh Santa… please give me a Vinyl Cutter! I’ve been a good boy!

  • JuicePouchLazer

    Are the Korg Volcas officially out now? Those would fit perfect in here.

  • Ichi

    got my early Christmas gift! the Midi Fighter 3D! :)