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  • Simone Phoenix

    DON’T care about the weight. I actually put my hands on one of these babies the other day. GOTTA HAVE IT! *grinning*

    • Brian GA

      Me too man… been messing with these bad bois for about a year saving the bread up… cant wait the count down continues….

  • Philosofox the DJ

    Why is this so much cheaper than the Pioneer DJM-900SRT or the Rane 64 if it also works as a standalone mixer?

  • baye

    Does anyone know if you can use the phono inputs to add two turntables doing DVS to have 4 controllers for the 4 virtual decks?

  • djtorchMusic

    It’s really simple. If you are transitioning away from turntables, this is your best choice. If you’re already a “controllerist” or a CDJ user, then there are other options that may suit your needs. I spin on CDJ 2Ks now, but I really miss the feel of Vinyl and am a big fan of the SC3900s. I prefer Traktor over Serato, but there are no Traktor controllers near the quality of this controller

  • Carmelo

    I love numark (I still have my tt200’s) but come on, this is going a bit far, and for the price? Are you really getting what you need?

  • Michael J

    I used the NS7 for years so this was an easy decision to make to upgrade – I understand the haters (weight, size, expensive), but as a mobile DJ I’ve never had a problem. The performance and versatility makes up for the weight and size. I’ve had the NS7ii for only about a month, and it is a bit of a learning curve from the NS7 with Serato Itch, but so far it’s been great. The touch-activated controls are unnecessary, but absolutely brilliant and really adds another dynamic I never would have thought of.
    This does fit in the Odyssey Flight Case I had for my NS7, but whereas I left my NS7 in the case during gigs, I can’t do that with the NS7ii since it blocks the front microphone input – that’s really been my only complaint – that Numark said it’s compatible with NS7 cases, but it’s just a little off :/

    • bcdjrise

      Awesome quality in any aspect indeed Michael. May I ask what specs you have on your laptop and what OS? I’m having some issues with my setup in the trial period with my NS7II but I’m suspecting my old 17″ MBPro being unable to handle the last version of Serato DJ 1.7. Maybe you can suggest a more stable combination of operating system and Serato version which works fine for you. Thank you!

      • Michael J

        I have two MacBook Pros – a late-2008 model and a 2011 model, both 15″. The newer one is my primary and the older my backup computer in case something should happen. I’m running OSX Mavericks but I’m starting to see a couple cases of hiccups, even on the newer machine. I believe I have 4GB RAM and it’s working fine, but I think an upgrade is in the near(ish) future. Both of my laptops do run Serato DJ 1.7 sufficiently however – I might get a hiccup or freeze after 2 hours of playtime, but I haven’t had any massive crashes or glitches.

  • Dancenoise

    Serato DJ works on my Windows 8.1

  • Dat1weddingDJ

    I love NI but as an old school DJ having moved to an S4 if I could afford it I would pick an NS7II up. All you babies out there complaining that you can’t haul it around DJ please! I really appreciate the informative read from a team that reps Traktor hard.

  • DJ Arley

    I had one. Loved it, then started experiencing glitches. Followed all the troubleshooting tips but one of the platters refused to send any data to the software. I returned it for a new one. Experienced a whole new set of issues with the new one. It would be an amazing piece of equipment if it was reliable. Buyer beware.

  • Jazzy G

    It’s heavy and bulky, but that’s where the minus ends. Everything else about this bad boy shines! I have the original NS7 and though it is magnificent, I can’t wait for the NS7II to arrive (in Canada). Pioneer has a great kit as well, but for those who want to try out new and creative mixes with the touch capacitive knobs, this is your chance! As for Traktor, the biggest advantage Traktor had was the effects. Now with Izotope built in, every month they release a dozen new effects! Simply put, it brings Serato DJ right back into the heat of the battle! Izotope + SP6 and you have every creative venue open to you!

  • inturn

    For someone who carries around 2 numark TTX’s in super heavy flights cases and a rane 57 to every gig, THIS is a dream come true! Honestly, you get the whole professional package for 1500. MY MIXER WAS 1500 WHEN I BOUGHT IT LOL. And because I don’t want to shell out $2000 or whatever for the new serato mixers, this seems like a steal. Definitely picking this up!

  • Aken

    So beautifull piece of kit. Too bad that you can’t use it as a versatile controllerist.

  • djblackjack

    its very nice but i think the price is by far too much…… i mean its very similar to the ddj sx (the motorized platters are the main difference) and i can get the ddj sx for £500 when this is £1000. unless you REALLY want the platters, i don’t see a reason to pay £500 extra, plus the size and weight of it is a lot, and it must be very uncomfortable to bring to a gig.

    • jkuss

      If you like to scratch or beat juggle there is no substitute. If you don’t need those things, yes you could make your life way easier and cheaper with a Pioneer.

  • tr4gik

    1500 freaking dollars for a controller, damn. Thanks but no thanks.

  • Naived

    Will there be a traktor version? or maybe a mapping that works with traktor?

    • jkuss

      There never was for the original. I don’t see why there would be with this one. Anyway you wouldn’t want it because every button is almost exactly tied to a specific sera to function.

      • Naived

        I used to use serato in the days of itch but i never liked it very much…traktor is just much more intuitive so it would be great if this worked with it 🙂

      • SLFC

        There was in fact support being worked on for the original NS7 as easly as 2009, but N.I. totally backed out of it. –


        Pay attention to those screencaps of the announcement that N.I. was “very excited to be working on support for the NS7” – also DJ Quartz’ videos… it very clearly could work with the device, but I guess N.I. had a “Nintendo Snes-CD” moment and figured out that if they helped Numark’s controller work with their (N.I.’s) software, they wouldn’t be buying their (N.I.’s) hardware.

      • SLFC

        Midi Controllers should be open to use on *any* acceptable platform, especially when that controller is $1499. I don’t buy the excuse that “Numark and Serato deliberately made the spinning platter data hard to interpret for software” – seeing as how N.I. did in fact have a beta in which the platters were being read properly.



  • Ezmyrelda

    Was there any particular reason beyond convenience that an m-audio conectiv was used for comparison audiowise or was it because that was a pretty obvious choice to compare that company against a NI card and a Numark card? Not knocking the decision, just curious.. The conectiv was my first audio card and despite having a Z2 now I can’t get myself to donate or sell my old conectiv..

  • KIO

    If you would have to spend your own hard earned cash on a (Serato) controller, which would you buy, Markkus? Pioneer DDJ-SX or Numark NS7 II?

    • KIO

      Actually, I want to ask that differently, because you might argue that you’d prefer the SX for the argument of weight or the NS7 for some other rational argument. What I really want to know is which of the two mentioned controllers put the biggest smile on your face while using them? Which one was the most fun?

      • djfusion

        I would say go in a dj shop, try a CDJ and a turntable. If you prefer the CDJ go for the SX, if you prefer the turntable go for the NS7 II

        • KIO

          Haha, well I started out on turntables a few centuries ago. Then I never liked the CDJ thing, so skipped that. Then got myself a controller (NS6 when it just came out). Based on your advice, I guess I’d enjoy the NS7 more.

    • j cozart

      numark ns72

  • Chris Cobb

    Back in the day I had to take three trips to the car to get all my record crates in the club. ANY midi controller is portable compared to that!

  • killmedj

    I used to have the NS7, and I loved it to bits. but the logistics of transporting it just became too much. Full credit to anyone who hauls this beast from gig to gig on a Saturday night!
    Still the best controller I’ve used though…by far!!

    • jkuss

      I do it every Friday! And the flight case makes it too big and too heavy so it’s all by hand!

      • killmedj

        I take my hat off to you. I remember buying mine in LA, humping it into a cab with it’s flight case, heading to the airport to fly back to Sydney with the intention to use it no matter what!
        But after a year of 4 gigs a week in 3 different venues carrying it up and down stairs, bumping people trying to get to the booth and then trying to cram it in next to another DJ and set up without ruining his or her life =)
        Just got too much and I had to admit defeat.
        I sure do miss it though, The S4 aint quite the same =(

  • JonnoI

    I’m curious to see how Numark try to market it to professional DJ’s, or how they are going to try muscle in on NI’s market.