• Olaf Kliemt

    the most terrible pads i ever played. velocity is all over the place, and you have to hit them like you want to break them. unusable. long way to MPD…

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  • Darren E Cowley
  • Jay Reilly

    This looks cool, Push and APC are Ableton’s sweet baby love children.

  • Toontown

    I actually like it.

  • Patch

    “The Bad: Launches Scenes, but not individual clips within a Session track; ”

    That GREEN button beneath each fader looks like a clip launch button for each track. Use arrow keys/nav. button/encoder to select a scene, then hit the channel play button to launch a single clip. Surely?

    PRO TIP: You can map the channel launch button to any midi button/key – but it ONLY shows up when you are in midi-map mode. It shows up under the clip grid beneath each channel.

  • CUSP

    I like both of these for more than the obvious reason. To me, this means there is a rise of interest in doing more than just DJing (when on the decks), and companies like this are either starting to fill that need or are expecting that that need for fulfillment will come soon.

    I would seriously consider the Keypad if I needed LED feedback from my trigger pads as this is a compact piece of gear that covers most of what I use my existing keyboard (Novation Remote 25SL Mk2) for… at around half the price. As the article states, the piano keys, knobs and sliders are pretty small, and there is no pitch/mod stick, X-Y pad, or ring of LEDs around the effect knobs, but it does have the hardware fader and knobs laid out as they are displayed in Ableton, which is very helpful for the fills you’re probably considering getting a piece of gear like this for.

    I suppose these units are attempting to be right-in-the-middle-ground of the “KORG Nano series” (Pad, Kontrol and Key, $59.99 each) and higher-end, less modular, controllers like the $399.99 AKAI MPK249 (the MPK225 doesn’t have up-faders) and the $399.99 Novation Remote 25SL Mk2 (which does not have illuminated drum pads).

  • Sin Sentido Comun

    1.- The review is about the keyfdr but the first photo is of the keypad, confusing.
    2.- Their functions over live depends on their script, what it can’t do now could be programmed.

    • Darren E Cowley

      Agreed, the question is whether the time invested is worth it?

    • Markkus Rovito

      Sorry for the confusion on the lead image. We swapped it out.

  • efrazable

    Why even have a keyboard on the bottom? It’d be smarter to make something like this with no keyboard so as to let the user choose what they want to do; add a (respectable) keyboard, a Push, or a Maschine.

    • Unreallystic

      Then it becomes a low priced Livid Base. (Not a bad thing)

    • CUSP

      Even Maschine allows you to use a MIDI Piano (instead of the drum pads). I agree that a good, used MIDI-over-USB keyboard (like an Oxygen 8) would be better for progressions because the keys are bigger (actual finger-sized), but this is a compact unit, and it seems compact, (relatively) inexpensive gear, is what a lot of people are looking for.

      Anecdotally, I remember playing in spaces on a shoe-string budget to people who were just happy I was there playing anything for them. Not having enough money for even basic, quality, gear means corners have to be cut somewhere. I think this gear is targeted to the serious, innovative, dreamers on a budget, who will eventually progress to better quality gear in the future… and I strongly endorse that.

      Always give someone who wants to do something good for the world a chance.