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  • DJ Bentley aka ventg99

    Don’t concentrate so much on equipment updates. Learn your instrument and learn the music. That is what is important! Don’t let Pioneer or any other company make you crazy with their need for you to update your equipment. Most people can’t shell out $5000.00 for their cdj’s and mixers. A good controller will more than do the job!

  • x

    next year serato will add one more feature and 2 more buttons, so u have to buy the sx3

  • DigiDug

    There is one huge problem with the SX2. There is no vinyl button on this. Which means you can’t turn off the vinyl function on the jog wheels. Why would they remove a button?

    • Turner

      Vinyl button is now consolidated via SLIP button.. function remains the same with SX

  • Andrew Meshreky

    Does anyone know if tractor dvd will work with this as well?

  • Brando Guerreri

    Hmm, This or the VCI 400??

    • brassprophet

      It’s all about the software….your choice.

  • Eduardo

    Thought NI would release something by now for traktor…..

    • tr4gik

      NI is dead.

      • Eduardo

        All Traktor users has already made the switch. A-Track is one that i know that changed to serato recently, i usually see him use traktor.

        • Cade Pellett

          Jesus….that’s a rather broad statement. ‘All’ Traktor users?! Oooohhhh you must be talking about DJ’s like Carl Cox….no…wait…he usese Traktor. Ok ok….maybe your referring to Cedric Gervais….oops, no. he uses Traktor.

          So no… your statement is incorrect.

          • aaanthonyyy

            or zedd, adventure club, porter robinson.. to name a few… still use TRAKTOR 🙂

  • Ionmatika

    I own the SX and I’m not impressed by this update. I don’t use cue points to mix out of my songs or make transitions. I use my ear. I think DJs should use that more than the fancy tools given to them. The hot cue countdown does look good though.

    I really wonder how useful this new flip feature is. I was just saying the other day… They couldn’t add more buttons to my SX… how are they going to make an update to it? Just seems like clutter.

    I won’t be upgrading to this model.

    • brassprophet

      Sure. Sounds like you’re salty to me….

  • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

    Power that sucker up, put it on some high strength line with a big hook and I bet you could catch a shark with it.

  • Santa Creek Furrows

    Does it do backspins? And do the filters work with analog inputs?

  • Mali

    My friend with the sz probably isn’t happy.. Me on the other hand.. I was going to buy the numark NV.. But if this comes out for $999 I’ll be getting it.. I need industry standard gear.

    • blahh

      a controller will never be industry standard gear

      • Turner

        That’s what they say with CDJ during time turntable dominates the clubs and events.

  • Guest

    This reads like an ad.

  • Toontown

    I can’t imagine the amount of time and money spent on R&D between these two companies over the last year.

  • ltd

    I just bought the sx, and my friend just got the sz. This is frustrating, man… Damn u pioneer. I’ll just stick to traktor from now on.

    • Dan White

      the sad truth is that *everyone* does this in the electronics industry. It makes investing in a new DJ controller / computer / phone somewhat risky feeling if you’re not on the cutting edge.

      that being said, you’ve still got a great piece of gear. Resell soon and you’ll like get a good price, or just keep on keeping on with some very solid kit. It’s unlikely that the SZ will be replaced anytime soon – remember that the SX came out in 2012!

      • Oddie O’Phyle

        gotta love Moore’s law.

    • Moms Spaghetti


    • Mr P

      The SX is 2 years old. In today’s society that could be classed as old. I’m not surprised they just released a successor. If you don’t buy a piece of DJ equipment from Pioneer within 12 months of release, then i’d just wait. Just look at the current CDJ line.

      Still I’ll be holding onto my SX. Does the job for me and I don’t see myself ever using those extra features. The colorful pads are quite nice though but not something I’ll lose sleep over.

      • brassprophet

        How long was it before NI released he S4/S2 MK2 since launching the originals?

        • Mr P

          TBH I have no idea. I don’t really pay any attention Tractor products.

    • Robert Wulfman

      Sometimes you can get lucky and sell your old controller and buy the new one for not much more, depends on the price of the new one and how much the old one is going for