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Pioneer DDJ-WeGo3: A Controller for the Budding DJ

Pioneer has today announced the launch of their latest controller, the DDJ-WeGO3. This entry-level controller is an update from the previous WeGO versions that includes a complete makeover and offers more features to the budding DJ. Read more inside about the DDJ-WeGO3 and all Pioneer has to offer in this new controller.

Features: Software Versatility, Pulse Control, and Charging Station


The DDJ-WeGO3 is a simplified controller for beginners to learn and understand the basics of DJing. The new design has an aluminum finish throughout the entire board of controls. Like the other models, the DDJ-WeGO3 has a flat profile making it very portable. One of the interesting, and probably the best feature for budding DJs, is that the WeGO3 supports multiple DJ software. For the DJ starting out, it can be intimidating and mind boggling to determine which software is going to be their weapon of choice. The DDJ-WeGO3 gives new DJs the choice to choose between Virtual DJ, djay, djay 2, Serato DJ Intro, Traktor Pro 2, and vjay. (djay 2 and vjay are on available on iOS devices.)

The DDJ-WeGO3 is also a central charging station for iPhones and iPads via a lightning cable. The intended use of this feature is by DJs who want to use iOS software and need their devices fully charged for a set. The included AC adapter will power the DDJ-WeGO3 and give power to charge the devices connected. As for new DJ features, the DDJ-WeGO3 offers two new features: Pulse control and Jog FX. Pulse control provides users with visual prompts using red and blue LED illumination around the Jog platters. The Pulse controls signal to the DJ that a track was loaded to a deck, an effect is being applied, and the volume intensity of a track. With that, the Jog FX allows the user to combine multiple effects and control them simultaneously using the jog wheel. The DDJ-WeGO3 is an all in one solution, providing a built in sound card with high quality audio ports for sound output.


DDJ-WeGO3: A Solution for Entry Level DJs?

Between the easy to use set-up and the Pulse control information, this controller provides beginners with the basics rather quickly. The controller is small and compact, so moving onto professional controllers in the future may be a leap.

The DDJ-WeGO3 is set for release in October and will be sold at the suggested retail price of $349. There are many entry level controllers out there – some a lot cheaper than the WeGO – however the DDJ-WeGO3 is one of the better solutions coming to market and, if the price isn’t a problem, definitely consider picking one up.

What are your thoughts on the main features of the We-GO3? Is the DDJ-WeGO3 a worthy controller for the budding DJ? 

  • Rodrigo Ferreira

    Guys I did a modification on Tracktor mapping profile and I could disable the scratch mode and turn the little jogs in CDJ mode.
    I also modified the cross-fader and turn it into a effect lever.


    Here is the download link:

    (If you like it, please share it. This is the only place that I posted)

  • Nitesh Mahbubani

    Do i need to connect it to a laptop ? Could i use a usb stick as an input with my music ?

  • Nico’s Pesos

    can someone tell me if there is a hamster switch or a reverse mode of the fader in the mapping, i come from turntables and been mixin reverse for the last 20 years, just got that controller for mixing video clips but cant scratch or backspin with a reguker fadder… Thanks a lot

  • boh

    As a producer, I use it for sampling: I got the same practical feel of the vinyl (slow/fast rewind, tap, scrub) to find the correct cue point, an excellent audio output, access to iTunes library and Spotify.
    Perfect for sampling in the old school way with MPC or Octatrack.
    Just to add a point at the beginner-vs-pro discussion…

  • robrv

    A great bit of kit, in my book. I can throw it in a back pack and turn up to Live music gigs, where the DJ booth doesn’t really exist. It has all the basic features for simple work and a few to jazz up sets. I used to use an ipad, but this is proper hands on, and does me fine when there are no Pro CDJ’s about.

  • Its definitly not as fun as playing on real pro gear … However it is practical for the traveling dj … Add a portable battery suply and a portable speaker and you can play anywhere … Beach, picniks, parcs, camping ..etc etc ..

  • Tony Mitchell

    Plenty of dumb comments from dumb commentators

  • allstar720

    I love this thing! I had an original wego and hated the fact that it was usb powered. Outlet powered controllers are always more responsive or snappy to me. This thing has amazing sound quality (unlike the original wego). It’s married to djay 2 for the iPad so well that I can’t even add to what’s already out there. But, my primary program is VDJ 8 on windows so I’ll add some tips related to that. Pioneer dropped the cue/master headphone pan knob so I just remapped the mid knob to that function in VDJ. Also, I remapped the low knob to the VDJ filter and the high knob to low because I really only ever cut the bass when I’m mixing and can use the filter to roll off some treble when needed anyway. Remap the sync button to the VDJ vinyl brake effect, label all the changes with a label maker and you’re straight. I use this for a gig with a tiny DJ booth, along with practice sessions, and I’m in love with it. Finally, the button action is different from the original wegos and way better, more click-ey.

  • Abhishek Awasthi

    This isn’t only for beginner DJs. It also works us old guys that used to dj on 1200s and CDJs and now just want something to use to create a mix-tape at home or rock a NYE party that includes a bunch of toddlers. In other words, a personal, rather than professional device. I’m looking forward to using this along with djay on my iphone as something to mess around with.

  • Eden

    Can you connect remix/effectors to this?

  • Aussie

    Where can we buy this to be shipped no used in Australia?

    • Aussie


  • Ejahz

    I’m looking to buy my first controller and debating on this or the DDJ SB. Any advice?

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  • tr4gik

    hmmm having the djwego2 already I dont see really the point of upgrading to this. I only bought this for the occasional party where i can take my ipad and djay2.

  • I think that looks pretty good. Having made music on computers for 23 years and having some pretty advanced Live controller assignments and Traktor controllers I think that the Wego looks ideal for those little parties where you you won’t be beat-matching all the time. Now and then and you wanna take something thats more than you iPod but not your proper rig. It looks ideal, . . . its those parties where you wanna play things for the crowd not for massaging your own ego in your ‘chosen genre’ yeah. That little bit of beat-matching and effects plus easy cue control looks ideal for that. Pretty good . . . and I had no idea you could play from Spotify. Fantastic!

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  • Dennis Parrott

    this device isn’t really intended for most of the people who hang out at DJTT or sites like it. if you click over to the Pioneer site and read what they are saying (as well as the article itself) this is for BEGINNER DJs.

    if you look at the thing it has all of the basic controls plus some nice extras and it ships perfectly mated to dJay and a few other DJ software packages. @blah blah — you are right, this is for 16 year old wanna-be-a-DJs and other beginner types.

    had this device been available when i started, i would have bought it. the virtually unexplained nonsense of mapping a controller was way too much for somebody trying to learn Traktor Duo the night before a gig! If it hadn’t been for a TSI file i found on DJTT that mapped that Hercules RMX to Traktor, well, the gig would have gone sour.

    @Ean Golden — without what you have done to help struggling digital DJs i would still be working to understand a TSI file. i really believe i owe you a huge thank you for all you and your team have done…

    but @Sambo is really onto something as well. just how much crap do we need to lug around to rock a dance floor? it seems clear that you can do quite a bit with a WeGo3. a WeGo3 is just a tad bigger than an iPad. i know of several guys playing bars around home here using dJay on their laptops (…and the crowd doesn’t really care as the music is good…). you can put that thing and an iPad into a fairly small and light bag. toss in a couple of cables and you can rockin’ out anywhere you can plug into a PA or home stereo. …or break it out pretty much anywhere to practice.

  • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

    Can it run without the AC adaptor on USB bus power from a laptop and/or via iOS power?

    • Dennis Parrott

      it certainly would not run on iOS power. Apple doesn’t present much power at the 30 pin or Lightning connector for use by a connected device. it barely runs flash drives so i don’t believe there would be enough current to power this device — it has a lot of blinky lights and those eat power big time.

      whether it would run off of USB power from a laptop is another question. that has been a pretty standard feature of MIDI controllers since there were such things. i guess i would expect that it should. i clicked over to the support information page and there is a menu pick for a manual but, alas, there is no manual to be had (yet).

      • LongTimeLurker1stTimePoster

        Thanks for the input, yeah I know asking for iOS is a lot. On an iPad 2 I can get an Akai LPK25 to work but the LPD8 takes too much juice – frustrating but is what it is. The sound is good though, and I have done quite a few 40-70 minute DJ sets using the iPad 2 and djay 1/2 over the years, and after getting them over to the main rig to lightly EQ, they’re just fine I have to say, so making things really portable just seems cool. I agree the laptop power probably is sufficient.

        I’ve been looking to pick up a Numark iDJ Live 1 or 2 sometime in the near future. There are a couple for sale locally under $50 for either. They seem to run on iOS power. Fewer features, but I really don’t need a lot to simply enjoy putting tracks together and the sound going.

      • James Resurreccion

        Got one of these a couple days ago. I don’t own any apple devices, but borrowed a mini ipad2 to try. Worked great and unplugged the power supply while using, and was still working. Might have to cave in to buy my 1st iOS device. I’m using it with a cheap Windows 8.1 tablet and tried VDJ8, TP2, and Serato Intro. VDJ8 has the best response out of them. Now trying to bypass the Jog FX and add post fader effects to VDJ8.

    • Steve Francesco

      Power bank works over USB I believe.

  • Marco Hooghuis

    I wonder, what’s the point in these things? They’re not cheap, don’t have a lot of features and the layout is pretty bad.

    • blah blah

      the point? 16 year old kid wants to dj…. sees big guys use pioneer…. he only has a 300 budget… done deal

    • Sambo

      The point? I can rock up to a club with this, my iPhone 5C and my Spotify account and absolutely smash the dancefloor, that’s the point! Guerilla gigs!

      • Marco Hooghuis

        You can do the same for much, much, much less than this. Take the Numark idj live for example, it’s almost a third of the price! So again, I ask: why buy this overpriced POS?

        • flyer

          lol idj live is a little plastic toy, here you really can talk about POS!

  • spintechdj

    I don’t absolutely hate this…marked improvements from the last iteration; allow user saved samples in addition to the stock samples. I approve Pioneer continuing to target budding DJs. I could plop down $300 street just so I can run and gun with my iPad mini. Proprietary Lightening port cable?