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Native Instruments Announces Komplete 11 Suite

Native Instruments today announced the latest release of the Komplete 11 suite and the more affordable Komplete 11 Select. The new suite is an even more comprehensive collection of instruments and effects. They’ve added 13 new instruments, including five Symphony Essentials instruments, Flesh, Emotive Strings, plus all new products for this generation.


Price: $599

The latest generation of Komplete 11 is coming out with 7 new instruments:

  • Form (sample-driven synthesizer)
  • Reaktor 6 (creative toolkit)
  • Una Cord (custom piano with one string per key)
  • India (sampled Indian instruments)
  • Replika (vetted delay effect)
  • Session Guitarist – Strummed Acoustic (precise strummed and recorded patterns)
  • Kinetic Metal (ethereal textures via metal sources)


The most noteworthy instrument is Form, a sampling-based synthesizer which uses a sample as the primary oscillator. This is a unique synthesizer to come out of NI recently that furthers the possibilities to create new paradigms in sound design.



Price: $1199

For nearly double the price of Komplete 11, the top-tier comes with everything included in Komplete 11 as well as Symphony Essentials and Flesh.

Symphony Essentials is comprised of 5 detailed instruments that replicate real life brass, woodwinds, and string sections. Flesh is a fun take on symphony sound design that turns anything into an electronic symphony.



Price: $199

The affordable sibling of the Komplete 11 suite comes packed with a combination of synths, drums, percussions, pianos, and effects. This is the same package that is included with the Kontrol S series of keyboards.

The included VSTs are:

  • Massive (powerful popular synth)
  • The Gentleman (sampled piano instrument)
  • Monark (analog synth emulation)
  • Drumlab (acoustic/electronic drum hybrid)
  • Retro Maschines MK2 (vintage sampled instruments from the 70s and 80s)
  • Vintage Organs (classic organs, obviously)
  • West Africa (traditional West African percussion, solo or polyrhythmic ensembles)
  • Reaktor Prism (polyphonic modal synthesizer)
  • Scarbee Mark I (electronic piano)
  • Solid Bus Comp (legendary bit compressor)

Native Access To Replace Service Center

Native Access, the successor of Service Center, is fully compatible with the Komplete 11 suite and is reported by NI to improve downloading, installing, activating, and updating all NI products. The suite is will be available as a download or, for a better install experience, boxed version which includes a hard drive for Komplete 11 and Ultimate, and a flash drive for Select.

KOMPLETE 11, ULTIMATE, and SELECT are available for pre-order now and install on September 1st, 2016. Upgrades and updates will be available as well.

Pre-order from DJ TechTools to support more free articles, videos, and news.

Komplete 11 Select – $199

Komplete 11 Update (from komplete 2-10) – $199

Komplete 11 Crossgrade (for owners of Maschine 2, Kontakt, Komplete Select, Komplete Kontrol S-Series) – $399

Komplete 11 – $599

Komplete 11 Ultimate – $1199

  • MarcusMCB

    Side-note on Komplete Select…

    If you were considering a Maschine purchase or upgrade, it comes with it as part of the package. Was genuinely surprised to see that when I upgraded to 2.0 awhile back.

  • Kristof

    Symphony Essentials is also new in K11 as well as Emotive Strings Kinetic Metal was already in 10 and Replika XT is an expansion of the old one…

  • Oddie O’Phyle

    Kinetic Metal came out just before and was packaged with 10.