Not on my……..

Do you dj in clubs or bars? No matter how cool or underground you may be, eventually your going to run into a common bar dwelling species formally known as:
“homus- bacheloreticus-drunk-as-hellitus”.

Yes, lets face it, they exist and they get wicked drunk. So next time a bachelorette leans over your dj booth, long island ice tea in hand, and tries to verbalize a request for that one “birthday song about 55 cents”. Dont freak out about your 2 thousand dollar laptop investment drowning in cheep alcohol. Get pro-active and protect that $#%@! Slap a plastic key guard on there so the liquid cant get into the keys (the one really vulnerable part) Here is one for the PC type laptops and here is one made for a Mac.

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Here is a plastic key guard with the Serato hot keys printed on it!

If you dont use Serato, bust out the permanent markers and make your own!

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