What not to do

If you want to be taken seriously as a dj. Don’t make your marketing platform the fact that you play digitally. Digital, analogue, hi 8 tape – Its all just music. The question is; what are you doing to contribute to the quality of the game and the quality of other peoples musical experience. Thats what sets apart the ground breaking cats.

Rewind 4 years. Cue up the grey album. People are over the stale music industry and a bunch of crazy kids like CRFTP and BOOTIE and GO-Home Productions start to make some strange blends of classic songs. Its cool, fresh and different, people dig it. Fast forward to the end of the tape. Endless supply of genre band wagon jumping new comers marketing themselves as “mash up” djs. They give the whole concept a well deserved bad name and mash-ups become a dirty word.

Do you want that to happen to digital djs? Careful folks, its already happening as some big name djs are lining up to bash digital djs (dont worry- its just a big publicity stunt without any credibility) but even if its all smoke and mirrors public opinion can be a fickle girl friend. So go out and represent our craft well, advertise your art- not the medium.

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