DJ Tip-Save your pennies till after the hollidays..

I know you are surrounded by the overpowering urge to buy your body-weight in consumer electronics this Holiday season, so don’t let me stop you. Buy, buy, buy to your hearts desire but you might want to just wait about 2 weeks. In fact get your parents and friends to also wait a few weeks before also buying more electronics no-one really needs. Why, you might ask? 4 little letters my friend, NAMM. There is going to be some crazy things that will show up in Anaheim on January 17th and you might just want to save your hard earned money until you know what they are going to be. Sure, the loving- always delivering products on time manufactures might make you wait until next Christmas to actually get some of the new products they show this year but trust me, you might want to wait 2 weeks before you buy anything else. There are several key manufactures that will be dropping some really cool stuff into the digital dj mix this year so stay close as we will keep you posted on the most important.

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