Dj with a Guitar Hero Controller

Arcade buttons are cool

but taking a plastic guitar into the crowd and taping away a solo is some next level fun. In the past 5 years I have experimented with just about every piece of midi gear out there so now its time to raid the game controller closet and continue to find new ways of mixing 2 songs together. The crazy thing is how well cue point juggling techniques translated to the Rock Star guitar. It may seem like a limited controller but with 5 buttons, a 2 way strum bar and some whammy action you can do a lot with a little. I tried every guitar made for guitar hero and in the end this Rock Band edition for the PS3 works the best and offered the most flexibility. Want to try it yourself? Yes, I will be posting pre-set files and instructions soon so you can get your own air guitar button tap on.

Link: DIY Guitar Hero instructions

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