You Can Be a Pro DJ

Many, many times I have heard people say: “gosh how did you become a professional dj? That must be so hard!” Or other djs complaining that they could never go full time because the competition is too tight. Well, I can tell you first hand that its not hard to make money, get gigs and even go pro. Naysayers might point out: “Your just lucky or you have special talent- not everyone can get the gigs you have gotten”. Nope, wrong on both accounts. I am not lucky and not even that “talented”, just terribly persistent and painfully stubborn. You see by putting yourself in the frame of mind where you can accept the possibility of easily making good money by doing something you love (sharing music with others). You have taken the first and most important step to making it happen.

We can go into the specific nuts and bolts later but the the first step is believing that its possible for you. After that its a downhill ride to successful and rewarding gigs. Why am I bringing this up? because this is an exciting time for djing when a lot of new people are picking up the craft and exploring the possibilities. Dj Tech Tools can give you the tools you need to make your sets sound inspiring but only you can give your self the confidence you will need to succeed.

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