DJ Tech Tools- Under Construction

Things are growing so fast around here that we need to invest some cash in the infrastructure. Over the next 2 weeks a great team from Australia will be adding some really cool stuff to the site. I am in Germany at the moment where in less than a week Dj Tech Tools will be taking a look at working models of all the exciting equipment that was shown at NAMM. Before Germany I was in Tokyo finalizing the firmware on my special edition VCI-100, and man am I excited. The functions rock and everything works really well!

Over the next two weeks:

1) They will be building the much anticipated forum! We wanted to make sure its done right so the wait will be well worth it. Thanks for the patience.

2) A Dj Tech Gear web store. There are a lot of very exciting things planned for this store in the future but to get us started we will only have one product: The limited edition “Ean Golden” VCI-100. Yes, pre-orders will be starting when the web store opens in 2 weeks and then shipment will be about 2 weeks after that. Contrary to other reports, none of them have been reserved. They will be available to everyone at the same time but only to those that are reading dj tech tools. That’s our way of saying thanks to all you! Check out a sneak preview that I shot in japan bellow.

3) An improved interface that will allow you to find all the content easier and faster.

Ean Golden’s Black VCI-100

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