Deck a Dance Give Away- Winners Announced

If your like me then Deck a Dance has piqued your interest. The impressive list of forward thinking features and “universal” timecode compatibility certainly makes it worth checking out. Oh and the advertising is hard to ignore as well.

On the list of must haves is support for VST plugins AND the ability to run deck a dance inside other sequencing software like Ableton Live. So no more trying to get Ableton to run like dj software just stick the dj stuff inside Live. Stay tuned as I am knee deep in a full fledged review and testing cycle of Deck A Dance as we speak. In the mean time, this is your chance to test out the software yourself and chime in with your 2 cents. Dj tech tools has secured 2 free copies of Deck a Dance “House edition” for 2 lucky readers. In order to win you just have to enter the following competition.

Controllerism is a great word for super crazy stuff that Moldover and myself are doing but whats a better word to describe everyone else that is using midi equipment and laptops but not in a “turntablism style way”. What should we call the new generation of djs? The 2 best answers get a free copy of Deck a Dance!!


Wow, there were some very good suggestions and interesting ideas! Its really hard to choose but here are the 2 we think fill the following criteria the best:

1) sound cool and is easy to say
2) wide reaching (this term should encompass everyone that is “djing” in any form)
3) describe the digital nature

#1: Bitjockey/BItSelecta (because its just plain rad! and we trully live in a world of bits now) As Sid pointed out though- its Acronym is BJ which we will NEVER live down- so it cant be used. Or can it?……opinions?

#2 Digitalist (because it is so broad and can include everyone)

Very Notable mentions:

Tech Tuners

The “if only we could just call it section”:

The New Kids on the Block
The future

The completely wrong message section:

Sync Jockeys
Email Djs
playschool dj’s

Its Worth Considering:

Whiskers Brings up the very accurate fact that the word Deejay was originally for the MC and we are more selectors than anything. It would be cool to see what could be done with that word. Loop Selecktas??

Avelin accurately points out that the future will be a very multi-media affair. So a word or description that includes the visual future of djing would be cool too. In the next 5 years people will become more of Multi media blenders as the traditional skill sets of djs morph into new tasks.

Thanks for the great responses guys, seriously. 57 responses in 48 hours is awesome for a blog and is approaching Perez Hilton numbers. Thats with zero adverts and not a single mention of Brittney Spears (oh shit, now we have mentioned her) we have reached that number with a bunch of really passionate readers that care about their craft.

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