Traktor TKS files for Controllers

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To download new files including TSI files for Traktor pro please visit our midi mapping section in the forum where you will find many more mappings and updated discussions.


Custom Layouts:

VCI-100 (firmware V. 1) Traktor 3.2 and up

Designed by: Ean Golden for 3 deck use of Traktor while mixing externally. All mixing controls are used for effects. The original post is here

Vestax VCI-100 (2 Decks) + Ean’s Oxygen 8 (Firmware V 1.2) Traktor 3.2 and up

This layout combines the Vestax official VCI-100 layout with the layout bellow by changing the Oxygen 8 to Channel 2. Carlos Domingo sent it in to us.

Oxygen 8 (OXY 8 V2, or any 2 octave keyboard) Traktor 3

Designed by: Ean Golden for control over 2 decks, 3 FX per deck and 5 cue points per deck. used for external mixing mode or with another midi controller as teh mixer. The original post is here


BCD recourses and TKS files


xponent pad tks Designed by: Digital Deejay for Traktor 3.2 Video demo (in spanish)


Novation Remote For Traktor 3 and up

Designed by: Keng for controlling 2 decks and the master effects

Numark Total Control

Here are 3 options of different TKS files made by various Traktor 3 users




And the Official Numark TKS for Traktor 3:


X-Session Pro

xsession-pro-tks Designed by: Fatlimey for Traktor 3.2+

Manufactures Layouts

VCI-100 vci-100 (firmware v. 2) TKS for Traktor 3.2

Designed by: Native Instruments for control over 2 decks vci-100 (firmware v.2) TKS for Traktor 3.3

Designed by: Native Instruments for 2 decks Download: vci-100 (firmware v.2) TKS for Traktor 3+

Designed by: Native Instruments for use with 2 vci-100 to control 4 decks, not 4 decks with 1 vci-100.

Using These Files

1) Save your Existing Layout and load the downloaded TKS file as shown here


2) If you want to merge a new TKS into your existing one then you can copy and paste the contents from one TKS to another inside a text editor. Only copy the contents between the page marks (<page> =start of a page </page>= end of a page) as shown bellow:



To take a what is connected to what in each TKS file without try this TKS file viewer

If you want to contribute to this list please include
1) text file explaining what your file does and what is different. Please only submit complete layouts, not one button tweaks to existing layouts.

2) What version of Traktor you built it with and which version of a controller you used (1.1 or 1.2 VCI-100 firmware for example)

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