Quickly set up Perfect Beat Grids

Here is my method to easily beat grid your tracks by setting up a set of simple hot-keys. The best way to figure out the precise BPM of a song and ensure that any loop you drop is perfectly in time is by using beat-grids. When Traktor first analyzes a new song in your collection it determines the peaks of the wave form. 9 times out of ten these peaks are also the down beats, which means the BPM accuracy and auto loop features should work fairly well most of the time. When you get to a breakdown or start dealing with rhythmically complex material though, only beat grids will insure consistently accurate mixes. Setting beat grids and cue points can be a cumbersome process though so I will show you how I blow through 10 tracks in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

First, you will need to set up a series of hot-keys. You download my set here (Hot Key TKS) or just add the following to your personal set-up

1= Set Cue
2= Set BEat Grid
3= Lock Cue (set to toggle)
9= Track BPM increment
10= Track BPM decrement
SHIFT +9 = Track BPM increment Fine
SHIFT + 10= Track BPM decrement
+ = Cue Pause
DELETE= Instant cue play
Helpful but not required
V- Pitch bend focused deck Down
N- Pitch Bend focused deck Up

These are laid out in such a way that you can not only quickly perfect the beat grid of a track but prepare it for your set with cue points and everything. Take a look at the following video as I demonstrate my personal process for preparing songs.

If you would like, you can directly download the song from the video with the cue points


Beatles (remix)

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