Logo Contest Round 1

Well, the weekend is here and I hope your weekends, gigs, get-togethers, BBq’s and so on go bananas. Two points of business we must manage before I take the weekend off myself to play a gig in San Diego.

First, There is a cool event in SF this weekend that is all about hi-tek futuristic music concepts, a subject we are all certainly very fond of. Plus its held in some sort of a NASA research center, so that alone makes it fairly cool. Its called Yuri’s Night and our friend Peter Kirn from CDM will be there judging the Futuristic Music Controller event.

Next, the Logo contest: check bellow for the final submissions and vote in the forum on your favorite.

Big props to all of you that took some time out of your weeks to put something together. I really enjoyed seeing every-ones take on what dj tech tools represents for them. It was very cool and we hope to find more ways to continue and involve you in the future.

Vote for your favorite in the forum :

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