Point of no return

We have jumped far into the deep end of the digital pool. There is no lifeguard, no floaties on your arms and no grab holds in site. Time to figure out how to swim. Developing cool technology is the easy part, thats well under way. Figuring out how to use it in an artistic and emotionally compelling manner is another thing all together. Once that is complete then boom, all those nay-sayers will line up in droves. Until its complete digital djing or “controllerism” is just a term that loosely describes our direction not a cohesive creative movement.

While pondering these and other things I stumbled upon the following video in which Hank Shocklee (of public enemy) talks about that same hurdle in music production. He says: “You have to learn your basics, you have to learn how to dribble, you have to learn how to shoot a foul shot. Those are the things you have to learn and then once you’ve mastered your basics then you can get fly with them.”

What are the basics of digital djing? Well there are a lot but its hard to say what might best help you out. So I would like to take this opportunity to point out the feedback icon on the left that gives you the chance to tell Dj TT what your interested in learning. Those suggestions are what we look to first when inspiration is needed for a new article.

Interview: Hank Shocklee, Pt. I – On music making from cdm tv on Vimeo.

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