EKS Otus has a little brother? (Updated)

EKS, the creators of the Otus, have told us about their plans for another version called the EKS Otus Raw. While the devices are very similar there are some notable differences you might be interested in. EKS has also released a series of videos that take a closer look at the EKS Otus than the original video Ean shot which introduced this space age controller to the world. Baring any un-foreseen obstacles, you might be able to try one out as soon as September.

The last time we looked at the Otus it was still very much in development and the final controls were still not decided upon. Now everything is in place so lets look at the what the Otus will look like and then how the RAW will differ.

Update: EKS Otus in action Video, the fate of HD-midi for the Otus and production status !

EKS Otus Specs:

  • High resolution 7.5″ wheel with touch sense (position/speed LED indicated) – non motorized.EKS Otus
  • 4 jog dial type controls with switch.
  • 17 low travel buttons
  • 6 touch buttons
  • 10 assignable control knobs
  • Built-in touchpad/assignable X/Y control surface for mouse or effect control
  • 80mm touch sensitive pitch slider (ribbon control), with position LEDs
  • All controls LED backlit
  • 4 Rubberized feet reduce unwanted vibrations.
  • USB powered.
  • Built in soundcard:
Integrated 24-bit 6 channel out audio interface
16bit/24bit, 44.1kHz/48kHz
c4 x analog out RCA (two stereo outputs)
2 x out (spdif)
6.3mm headphone output
EKS Otus self made soundcard.

EKS Otus Raw:

EKS has not released a official specification for the EKS Otus Raw, however from our conversations with them Dj TechTools has gotten the inside scoop. Overall this is intended to be a lower cost controller without a sound card and fewer controls. Here are a few of the specific differences:

  • Physical slider rather than a touch sensor
  • 4 large round buttons with pressure sensitivity (cue juggling nod?) replace 6 touch sensor buttons
  • 6 less knobs than the Otus
  • the corner switches may not have the same jog action as the first Otus

There is no specific release date for the Otus RAW but chances are it will be at least 2 months after the release of Otus. Hopefully they wont take too much time, as this configuration looks like a promising one.

Last minute exciting updates!:

We just received an EKS Otus video in live testing at the last second ! check it out here:

We have also discovered that EKS is planning to support HD-midi on the Otus as soon as it has been standardized. This will reduce latency and the precision of the device dramatically, this is truly some fantastic news for anyone looking to buy one of these devices.

However EKS also stated that

Unfortunately the standardization process is slow and it will take long time before HD-midi is in common use.

This is no fault of EKS, however its great to see that their “Future-proof” concept actually has some substance behind it!

Another piece of great news is that the EKS Otus is now fully operational and is now going to production ! DJTT will be getting our hands on the Otus immediately when available.

Until then I leave you with these videos that give you the best look yet at the EKS Otus’ design. – BentoSan

EKS Otus – Setup 1 – Basic

EKS Otus – Setup 2 – All in 1

EKS Otus – Setup 3 – MIDI Only

EKS Otus – Tutorial 1 – The Design

EKS Otus – Tutorial 2 – Future proof concept

EKS Otus – Tutorial 3 – The Jog Wheel

EKS Otus – Tutorial 4 – Dual Layer Control

EKS Otus – Tutorial 5 – The Pitch Ribbon

EKS Otus – Tutorial 6 – The Touch Pad

EKS Otus – Tutorial 7 – Selector Wheels

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