The VCI-100 NE (nintendo edition)

That conversation got started up in the forum about making aVCI-100 look like a Nintendo paddle. Little did the they know we have been working with several companies on creating some very high quality overlays for the VCI-100. The final product (available in about 4 weeks) is able to wrap around the top and sides of a VCI, changing the color and graphics to anything we want. These are not low-quality vinyl stick-ons but the same manufacturers that make durable, OEM overlays for products like Moog and Rane mixers. That means they will last forever and always fit on perfectly. So I told the Ryan, who started the thread, ” we can make that happen!” Since then one of our most frequent posters, Tekki and I have been working together on fine tuning the final design which has come a long way from the original concept.

So our questions to you:

  • Do you like it?
  • What would you change?
  • Would you want to get one?
  • Should it have the VCI-100 SE labels?

To give us an idea of how many to make, please answer those questions in the following poll.

Editors Update: Thanks to all those that responded to the post. We love how interactive this site has become and the way that people jump and and include their take on the concepts. Here is an updated version with the input and feedback taken into account:

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