How to Wiij

While not exactly a new concept, DJing with a wireless Nintendo Wii controller (aka “Wiijing”) certainly fits into our theme this week. For those that missed Monday’s post, we decided on a whim that this week is National Nintendo Week. Dont ask me why, I really have no idea.

Back to the subject of Wiijing

First, let’s check out a little video clip of DJ Timski:

This slightly more interesting performance is more Guitar Hero than it is Wii, but still cool.


Then you need to check out these website which has a tutorial on setting up a Wii controller:

Wii remote Tutorial for Djs at

Wii Remote Tutorial for windows users at VJkungfu

Dj Timski also has a good tutorial on YouTube on the subject where he walks through his more complicated manner of using Max MSP to do the mapping.

How does the Wii work with Dj Software?

There are many applications dedicated to converting Wii including: Wii to Midi, GlovePie and many others.

Binary ponderings from beyond the digital divide.

Even though its creative and looks like fun, “wijing” is not really blowing me away. There are significant limitations imposed by the wii-mote including the significant fact that Nintendo made it too well! A wii mote is an incredibly high resolution device that spits out an insane amount of data related to the internal gyroscopes. That makes it hard to use those controls in an effective way with the incredibly low resolution midi standard. There are also the obvious limitations of only a few controls and a very “non-dj” control surface. Then again, if you happen to have one around any way it might make a fun toy to pull out once or twice during a set for an extra dash of wow factor.

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