Fader FX Theory

Djing is a visceral activity much like painting. You want to reach out, grab a tool and shape the music into your own without thinking but sometimes technology can get in the way of that process.  The VCI-100SE was originally designed to provide that kind of intuitive performance in Traktor 3. Fortunately for all of us Traktor Pro adopted many of those ideas into the software directly allowing us to take the concept much farther. I have have been working very hard to take fader fx and controllerism to the next level by solidifying those ideas into the “fader fx theory” which everyone can use in their own unique way with any controller or controls.

The Theory

FX are looked at not as individual sounds but as a group which together can be used to shape any sound into something new. Each FX slot within that group is always associated to common dj controls surfaces like jog wheels and faders which physically represent and feel like that type of sound. By loading effects as groups that match the controllers workflow, then any group can be called up with a single press and manipulated intuitively by the dj.

by creating and following a consistent system of mapping, any dj can:

  • download a generic mapping
  • customize it with their own creative groupings
  • upload the results with the FX and midi settings
  • anyone that understands the system will be able to effortless play with your work

Watch this video for more details about how this system has been applied to the VCI-100

Load Time

After months of asking, I finally got the ability to dynamically load specific fx at the push of a button. This is what allows the theory to really work and for each of you to go in and customize the sounds to suit your own needs. There is a midi command logically labeled “effect select” which can assign any fx to a button. The trick is not to assign only one but to assign 2 or 3 to one button. Then that button always pulls up a performance group which you can quickly use with a well designed group of physical controls. If you do create your own special combinations, do the community a favor and contribute them here.

Why participate in the forum? Because your work matters and it influences these articles. This new mapping for instance has a new feature, browser scroll, that was originally created by one of our forum members HedgeHog. Way to go sir!

Get the TSI file here

Anyone with a VCI-100 can download the new TSI that incorporates this concept by signing up to our mapping list bellow. If you like the controls and want to have your vci labeled, then please come back and support our efforts by purchasing the overlays.

Traktor Pro midi mappings

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