Predictions and Projections

We are on the verge of a very big year. Although it may seem trivial to discuss djing when there are so many important things happening in the world sometimes its nice to have a fun place to escape. So what should you expect in 2009 for the world of djing- will it survive the economic meltdown? Here are my guesses at what might come down the pipeline for the coming year:

1) Fewer controllers will be released

2008 was a big year for the controller with many companies rushing to enter a relatively untouched market. With the global market slowing down there is a good chance that companies are going to play it safe and not take chances on new models. Thats fine by us, spend more time developing groundbreaking concepts and we will gladly wait longer for them to come out.

2) The year of the sample

With serato and ableton teaming up its going to be very popular for turntable djs to create music “from scratch” using songs and a multi track sequencer (think kid beyond with turntables) Not to be let down – we have a few things up our sleeves so expect some big TSI files with this in mind over the next few months.

3) Niche goes Big

Small internet outfits that make boutique controllers will come up big in the next year- if they can manage to stay in business. More and more people are going to forgo the guitar centers of the world and save their money for special purchases from smaller companies- especially those with local roots.

4) Controllerism gains momentum worldwide

You will start to see events and battles featuring controllerism in the coming year for the first time. We may even see some of the turntablists start to adopt new tools and form hybrid sets.

5) 1+1+1+1 = not enough usb ports

instead of an all in one midi controller djs will start to piece together their own rig combos from the increased number of “accessory” controllers that will flood the market. VCI-100 copycats will slow down and the new question on everyone’s mind will be: “what USB hub does not cause latency!?”

6) Hands on Music

Producers will get the clue that djs want to do more with their music and start releasing parts that can be manipulated. Stems for ableton live or even juggle friendly copies and edits for traktor.

7) Video will blow up

As soon as Serato video gets sorted out and everyone figures out how to get every music video ever made then the video assault will begin on mainstream clubs across america. Full immersion video installations give everyone the feeling that they are actually partying with biggie and puffie.  The struggle will be to keep audiences dancing and not staring at the screen.

8) The underground will re-surface

Its seems that during long recessions people always like to take drugs, dance all night and forget about their troubles. Fortunately for us djs that like these sort of bacchanal events, there will be plenty to play at!

I could go on for a while but that would just get boring when I am anxious to hear your predictions for 2009. Perhaps you have some requests or ideas for things you would like to see happen? Dont be shy, you never know who might be reading this! Make sure to check back with us on wed as I will be posting a special article on NYE tips and tricks including several handy tools that will take care of the count down brilliantly.

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