2009 NAMM Madness

Well its that time again. That special month when all the manufactures pack up their goods from around the world, fly to LA and shop their new products to the hungry stores.  Its also great place for running shoes and ear plugs if you plan on walking through football fields of perpetual noise. Somehow though, from the din of 100 dj booths all vying for sonic space there usually arises interesting new products that hold promise for the future of djing. Last year we discovered the Otus from EKS, what will it be this time?

Dj TT will be there for all 4 days, cameras in hand, talking to folks and searching for anything you might be interested in. Check on the site Friday morning when all the news will be posted. If you find yourself at NAMM, stop by and check out my sets on Friday and Saturday at the Vestax booth.

Absolutely Brilliant Predictions for Namm 2009:

  • on the thursday the show will start
  • on friday everyone will wish the show was over
  • Serato will fly all the way from New Zealand
  • it will be much warmer in Anaheim than Berlin, and the NI guys will get a tan.
  • The NS7 will be back in a protective plastic case
  • Native instruments will release 3 new products that will bear the NI logo
  • Stanton will bring out final scratch 3.0 dubbed “bigger, badder better- in theaters this fall”
  • The Vestax booth will feature the VCI-5000 which boasts 5 spinning platters
  • On saturday (my birthday) i will drink too much to make my sunday afternoon meetings
  • 2 girls will accidentally “check out” the dj hall and get 2500 phone numbers each
  • on sunday the show will end
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