Another NAMM Controller

We missed one small controller from namm that’s worth mentioning. As usual everyone in the forum was super on top of the latest news and discovered that Dj Tech worked with Kontrol Dj to build an interesting deck controller that is easy on the wallet. I know you may be thinking Dj Tech? Who is that? They are a Chinese manufacturer that basically reproduces other companies designs in more affordable packages but lower quality. This year they changed gears a little bit though and introduced a controller that is fairly unique in its layout and design so its worth taking a closer look at.

Essentially, Dj Tech is selling a 2 controller/ hardware mixer package, which at $799 with a case,  might actually be a good value for many people. For everyone else one of the decks might work as a low cost auxiliary controller. There is no released price for a single deck.  Lets take a closer look and see what works and what might not.

Kontrol One

One of our own, B33SON, was at the namm show performing at their booth so he got the inside scoop for us on how the Hybrid 202 works. Instead of the low end molded plastic usually found on a dj Tech controller, this one comes in a higher quality metal casing. The jog wheels are the same kind found on their other Dj Tech models, which quite frankly feel better than you would expect for this price range.

Some Features include:

  • a hardware level shift button
  • 4 endless encoders with LED status feedback and a push state
  • 4 deck switch (hardware switches between midi channels for multi deck control)
  • “touch sensitive” and “high resolution” jog wheel
  • 22 push buttons – 20 back illuminated
  • 60mm fader
  • 160 mm. (W) x 289 mm. (D) x 107.5 mm. (H)
  • Weight 1.4 kg
  • usb powered

The Full Monty

For those that want everything in one box then the full package is a decent value for starting out. They don’t list the price but our man B33SON tells us that its going to be $799 so I imagine a single deck controller might go for as little as $200?

Digital DJ Mixer with Twin USB Audio Interface + 2 x Midi Controller

  • HYBRID 202 includes:
  • 1 x Digital DJ mixer with 2 USB Soundcard ref: DJM-202
  • 2 x Midi controller with access to 272 Midi messages ref: KONTROL ONE
  • 1 x Flight case
  • 4 x USB cables + 1 Hub
  • 2 x Power supply for KONTROL ONE
  • 2 x DJ software: TRAKTOR 3 LE and Deckadance LE

Original forum thread discussing this unit

Kontrol Dj home page

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