Track Shopping Just Got Easier

Its a great time to be a digital dj, with your sources for good quality mp3s and digital dance tracks increasing every day. Not that long ago the only option was converting vinyl to digital but now you can build a set in a matter of minutes. Several sites are offering new features that will make the important part of music discovery that much easier.


Finally introduced a playlist player that allows you to pick out tracks, then let them play in the background automatically. For those of us that have ten thousand things to do during the day, manually clicking through beatport’s endless library was a major turn off. Using their playlist player as a background radio station while I work means they will be getting a lot more of my money again. The only question is why did it take 3 years to implement?


As we mentioned several weeks back, Itunes is converting their entire library to high quality DRM free downloads. This is a huge development for digital djs and it just got better. You can now upgrade previously purchased AAC files to high quality DRM versions for only 30 cents a pop! The Itunes peer recommendation service is still one of the best ways to organically find new music that fits your dance floor tastes.

Ableton Warping

So now that you have 10k new tracks, where do you find the time to prep them all? Here is a group that will do it for you, at a reasonable price, and you can even try them out for free.

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