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We have built a great international community of like minded people here, and I want to thank you for all of your participation and enthusiasm in making it happen. Sometimes its nice however to make connections on a local level and actually meet your fellow DJ’s, share ideas and create local communities of your own. Lately we have been brainstorming ways to do just that and will be rolling out some new tools that will enable you to connect with your fellow TechTools community. Two of those tools were introduced today but we need your help to make them really work.

There is now an official dj TechTools face book group. So go on over, check it out and join up! the purpose of the group is purely to give everyone a new avenue of reaching out to each other, ideally on a hyper local level. That could mean many things including:

  • meeting up and exchanging ideas
  • forming dj collectives together
  • helping other people upgrade firmware
  • trading gear
  • getting gigs

In order to make that happen I need your help in trying to identify or build some cool technology. We are looking for a face book app that allows anyone to find other people within that group that are in the same area or search for them by unique characteristics. One obvious example that we sorely need right now:

is there anyone near me in the dj techtools facebook group with a firmware kit?

Do you know of an app that could do this? Perhaps you are an app developer and would like to make one? Let us know.

Flicker is an amazing place to browse around and find people that are working on similar things. We have created a new Flickr group and I highly encourage you to go upload photos of your controllers and dj creations. Its very inspiring to see the controllers, mods and gear that other people are using and another cool way to connect with others. We will be installing a flickr feed in the sidebar of the blog so your creations will get exposure to thousands.

Dj TechTools Flickr Group

Digital Dj Classifieds

Coming soon to a forum near you we will be installing the abliltiy to post ads selling and trading your used gear in the forum. That feature should roll out in the next few weeks. In the mean time, do you have any suggestions or ideas on ways that we can make it easier for community members to connect with each other? Please share them in the comments!

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