Create Great BeatGrids in Traktor Pro

Lots of great questions came up in the comments, so lets address them here.

Why do you need to beatgrid? 

  • In Traktor Pro, Locking SYNC, or locking on tracks grid to another will not work without a grid.
  • Beatgrids allow for quantized beatjumps, loops and cue jumps even in breakdowns
  • to get the precise BPM of a track
How can I beatgrid material with tempos that float?
You cant fix a floating song but there are a few alternatives
  • for older songs and rock tunes, set a grid on a clean rhythmic part (like a drum intro) and loop that section while mixing.
  • for electronic songs that float, try placing several beatmarkers
  • for material that must be in time over long sections, use albeton live to warp the track and then export an adjusted version for dj play.
Dont forget to LOCK the grid
I forgot to mention an important detail, thanks to our super sharp readers for pointing this out. After you get the grid perfect, click the lock icon. This will store the info to the tag and prohibit Traktor from messing with that data at any time.
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