Save your Laptop

***News flash**** Laptops are not designed for use in dj booths.

There are many things that can go wrong with your laptop and chances are if you dj for long enough then almost all of them will. Here is a short list of some of my personal laptop follies.

  • Yes- someone has poured a drink on it
  • Yes- a man was thrown on the dj booth sending the lappy to the floor
  • Yes- its overheated to the point of damage
  • Yes- liquid has inched its way under the case

While there is not much you can do about many of these problems there is something that you can do about a few, namely overheating and liquids.

Solution 1: Lift it up

Check out the LapTop lifts (pictured above) which might solve your overheating and liquid problems all in one inexpensive solution. I am wondering if they are high enough to clear the turntable spindle?

Solution 2: Coat the Keys

Get yourself a protective keyboard cover to guard against drunk trainspotters leaning over your precious investment with a $5 long island ice tea. There are also some multi colored non branded versions.

Solution 3: Go Old School

Trade your laptop in for a set of mini discs as we are pretty sure they are impervious to all damage except possibly nuclear. Plus I saw the guy above spinning on a pair of minidiscs in a Brazilian Favella and he basically kicked ass.

Solution 4: Build a Stand


Check out this great article on building your own laptop stand from the extensive TechTools archives.

Solution 5: Lock It up

Also from the archives comes an older but very valuable article on even more ways to keep your laptop safe on the road and at home.

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