Hi-Speed USB Cables for DJs

If your anything like me then you probably think that all USB cables are created equal. Just grab any old cable out of the giant pile, throw it into your dj bag and no worries right? Well thats what I thought until I started showing up to gigs and finding that certain cables would not work with my sound card at all.

After a little digging into the matter, it turns out many pro sound cards require cables that meet the 2.0 specification. Even if a cable is certified high speed, then it still may be missing a few essential features that will ensure safe and reliable connections every time. After a bit of research, we wrote this article that covers the essential features your main USB cable should always have. Amazingly, there are relatively few vendors out there that sell these cables so Dj TechTools created some to include with our VCI-100 controllers. They are a now available in the store for only 14.99 with free woldwide shipping. There is nothing worse than stepping into a booth only to discover your only USB cable is not working and radio shack closed 1 hour ago. So do yourself a favor, check your cables out and if they are not up to spec then it might be time to upgrade.


3.5 ft long: A shorter cable picks up less interference and keeps your set-up tidy.
hi-speed 2.0 certified cable:
The best data transfer rate available
fully shielded:
Protects against interference from club lights and other electrical sources
correctly grounded:
at one end only to combat ground loops.
embedded lines: in the cable as twisted pairs.
gold connectors: connection points stay strong longer.
2 Ferrite Chokes: stop interference resulting in reduced noise and drop outs

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