Goodbye Turntable- Hello ToneTable?

We all love our iphones and fully embrace the app store concept but is it too much to expect a few innovative dj apps? Fortunately the folks that made mix-emergency (a Serato video app) have introduced a novel concept that’s actually useful. Their app sends out control vinyl through the headphone port so you can use it just like a turntable and control any DVS system with your iphone.

Nick from Inklen told us:

Tonetable is a control tone producing App that has the ability to manipulate the control tone like a turntable.  The control tone that is produced can be plugged straight into the audio interface of most DJ software that is currently able to be controlled by vinyl (for example, Scratch Live).
We created the app a long time ago to test and develop the turntable/velocity reactive features of our VJ software (MixEmergency).  Since we created it, those who have seen it in action have wanted to get their own copies of it – so we have spent time polishing it and are finally releasing it as of today.
Tonetable is obviously never going to be better than real turntables or an expensive hardware controller – but it does have a place, and is useful for DJs who travel, DJs who want a backup controller, and for anyone that wants to see what DJing/turntablism is all about.  It is probably the least expensive “turntable” type controller (assuming you already own an iPhone or iPod Touch) and, well, it’s just fun!

Check out the video bellow for a demo or visit their site for more info. Care to try out the concept yourself? The first 3 people to answer the following question will get a free demo version.

What was the name of the “Dj” app that contains a seismic reader?

send your answer to: info at

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