The DJ Mouse

We first introduced you to the Dj ToolBox, the amazing instant dj kit that makes a party rocker out of everyone. Now Dj Tech ( a Chinese manufacturer of dj products) promises to take anyone to the next level with the $79 dj mouse. With this revolutionary “patent pending” tool, you can “become a DJ in one minute, without the science of mixing music.” Amazing!  The YouTube effect is a cruel denizen, it can either totally make you or in this case- totally break you. Read on for a very memorable video…

The sad thing is that the core concept, a mouse with some simple dj focused tools is actually totally viable (note to self). If their marketing campaign, brand image and amazzzing claims were instantly removed some people might actually take a similar product seriously.


from the marketing site:

Dj-Tech is proud to announce the first Dj mouse ( patent pending ), as it said, this mouse is fully designed and made for all DJ applications. With a selection of serious materials and having in mind the great aluminum and rubber feeling, discover how easy to manipulate songs and mix them. So funny to use the Automix and sampled sounds / jingles to get into the partys with PERFECT BEAT MATCH. Powered by worldwide best dj software Deckadance for MAC and PC, the powerful auto beat engine and the section of digital effects are the tools to shape your mix. The built-in Jog and the direct access to SCRATCH, will rock your computer and heat the dance floor. DJ mouse includes a special mat for optimising the quality of your scratch performance. The Blue ring Led is so helpful to locate your position on the mat and drive your performance.

Just Plug, Play, Mix, and ROCK your computer with Dj Mouse.


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