To Advertise or not to Advertise

That is the question! Well technically, the real question is: “Should Dj TechTools sell advertising space to other companies?” We currently advertise our own products which pay the bills and keep fresh articles coming each week but should this site get opened up to others? Ever since it started, this site has grown and been run as a community, where everyone gets to participate and have their say when big changes get rolled out.  So, as its been done many times before you get to have your say on this important question.

Many successful websites sell advertising to help pay the bills and fund their writers but it comes at a serious price. For starters, some get cluttered with distracting ads that compromise the quality and look of the pages. Two, taking advertising money from companies that you write about makes critiquing their products a delicate challenge.  For both of these reasons, we have taken a tough stance on advertising and refused to offer it.

forum ads

Right now techtools is testing some third party advertising in the forum to guage the response and see how well it fits. To be honest with you, the ads feel a bit strange and fairly invasive to me. For that reason its fairly certain we will do away with them and instead focus on our core service- making a great community.  Without ads, how can we help pay the bills? Its simple, by people like you buying our custom gear in the webstore. I realize we dont have a lot of options there, and half of it is always out of stock due to high demand- but your purchases all go straight back into this site and we all appreciate the support. So do you agree, down with the ads and up with more great products? Tell us your opinion in the comments allong with suggestions on new gear you would like to see use sell.

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