4 Song Cue Point Juggle

On friday we published a reader submitted video, which demonstrated video clip juggling in Ableton Live using a 4×4 grids of buttons. His unique layout inspired me to try a new way of working in Traktor Pro, with 4 deck of cue points triggered on a single controller. The results speak for themselves, this concept is a lot of fun, easy to understand and very expressive. I spent just a few hours working out a basic proof of concept (above), in the hopes of inspiring you to take it further.  Read on for the MP3’s and the mapping file from thr video plus information on how you can use them both to win your own Midi-Fighter.


Take the mapping file and mp3’s bellow and combine them into your own cue point driven remix using ANY software and ANY hardware. Add a video of your performance as a video response to my cue point juggle demonstration. In one month’s time (may 18th), I will personally pick one winner that submits the most creative performance and post that video here on Dj TechTools. The winner will also receive a free midi-fighter controller (which are currently sold out until may 30th due to high demand)


  • You can use any mapping or controller
  • You must use the 4 songs provided bellow
  • You can use my cue points or choose your own
  • The performance must be created and recorded for this contest.
  • You can use any software but the remix must be played live (not sequenced)
  • You must add your video as a response to this video before may 16th


Here are the 4 tracks I used in the video at the top of this post. They contain stripes and cue points for Traktor Pro.

A: Tribe Called Quest “Can I Kick it?”

B: Classic Drum Loop

C: Gangstar “Dwyck”

D: Custom Noise


Its amazing how the simple stuff is sometimes the best for the job. Having 4 songs laid out in a sequenced order above each other makes it easy and intuitive to work together all 4 tracks. Trying to maintain this timing with 2 hands is significantly harder.  The mapping bellow is built for the midi-fighter but should work for any controller sending out general midi drum notes (you may need to change your controllers midi channel to 3)

Download the Midi-Fighter Mapping for Traktor Pro 1.24 and up

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