Visual Controllerism

Every once in a while some one sends me a video that is super inspiring and a lot of fun to watch. Today’s video is one of those pieces in which Malaventura takes cue point juggling arrangement to the next level with 2 important evolutions: Multi-track juggles and perfectly synced video content. Read on for more videos and a mapping file for traktor pro.


The basis to this video was introduced in my original “we will rock you experiment”, which used a beat and acapella with all 5 cue points synced up.  Instead of playing cue points with separate hands, you line the cue points up above each-other in a sequence and play them in pairs with one hand so the samples stay in sync and its easier to juggle several songs.

Malaventura multiplies the concept and creates a 4 X 4 grid of samples: 4 tracks with 4 cue points each. He is using Ableton, which allows for endless clips, in order to have 16 different tracks loaded at one time- enabling 4 different remix “scenes”.

And what about the video? Everything is synced up to Quartz composer, which is triggering the clips. For the sounds, creativity and awesome video clips I give his efforts 2 midi thumbs up!


For the best button to price ratio, the Novation controller is great, but personally I cant stand actually playing those buttons. The Midi-fighter on the other hand has the best juggle action around and a convenient 4 X 4 layout.  To help you try this concept out on your own, I created a quick TSI file that lays out all 4 decks on the midi-fighter with 4 cue points per deck just like the video. Sadly, you cant control video with Traktor just yet.  Hey NI- When are we going to get video?!

Download the Midi-Fighter 4 deck juggle TSI here

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