The Ultimate $20 Headphone Hack

Chances are you have a least one or 2 pairs of DJ headphones that are broken in some way. If you buy the Sony MDR-V700’s, then you might have 5 laying around. Usually, these cans go to waste, as it’s always just the foam, plastic joints, or some other cosmetic feature that is broken while the speakers themselves (the most important part) are perfectly fine. In today’s article we are going to show you how to re-use those old broken headphones and turn them into something better—for only $20.

The following pictures and instructions were created by one of our dedicated forum members, Villinus, who submitted his DIY headphone fix for our enjoyment. He writes:

“So it all started when my old Sony MDR-V700 broke. A guest at our house party put them on her fat head and they snapped

No sweat. $20 with shipping got me these from the interweb:

Initially I thought I could fix them, and upon taking them apart, I realized they had to WAY too many little moving parts and screws/springs/etc., so I knew I would have to replace the body and just use the drivers:

I drilled a hole in the bottom of one can, and one on either side of the top of each can. I recommend using a dremel, to cut/drill the plastic, as it’s way quicker and more precise than carving the plastic with a knife:

Next, it was time to wire them up… Oh geez:

Progress. I ran the wire from a 1/8th inch wire from one headphone can, through the neoprene headliner. I couldn’t believe they are open on either side… it’s almost like they were meant for wiring! 
Something to note: The Sony wire is very thin, and coated with a very thin coating, that is not conductive. You have to hit it with a lighter for a few seconds to burn it off, clean off the wire with a razor, and solder to your wire/solder points.

A slit needs to be made in one side of the foam to let the wires through. Remember, these are DELICATE wires! Last one:

Here they are all wired and re-assembled:

The best thing about these things is, they’re rated a 27 for noise reduction because they are meant for shooting ranges, meaning that what ever is going on outside of your cans can hardly be heard… at all. I’m talking, you can hear your heartbeat. When you throw some quality drivers in there, all you get is music. It’s fantastic!
Also, the earpads snap on and off very easily and are very comfortable. They squeeze your head so snug you could headbang and not loose em 

and finally, my ghetto headphone bag 

This article is a great example of all the helpful things that go down in our world class forum—if you are not a member yet, then hustle on over there and join up! Do you have some great DIY hacks or tips? Send them to our editor!

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