New Controller- Hercules “DJ Console 4-Mx”

Today Hercules announced that the “Dj Console 4-MX”  will be the replacement to their popular “Dj Console RMX” controller. This is an all in-one controller priced at $449 ships with Virtual Dj LE and has a built in sound card. Hercules has equipped the 4-mx controller with 4 deck features, weight activated jog wheels and a more streamlined layout. The Hercules steel was one of the most popular all-in-one controllers sold to entry level djs due to its robust looks and a low price of $300.

Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx

Key features

  • Metal chassis
  • comes with Virtual dj LE
  • 4.7″ jog-wheels with CDJ style action
  • switchable to control decks C and D in 4 deck software
  • 2 Channels of sound input
  • 2 Pairs of RCA connectors
  • 2 Pairs of 1.4″ connectors
  • A ground lift switch on jack outputs 1-2, to protect the sound in the event of a ground loop.
  • Headphone output is the same as output 3/4
  • talk over mode on the mic input


  • Manufacturer: Hercules
  • Product Name: Dj Console 4-Mx
  • Size: 15.75” x 9.8” in size
  • Price: $449.99(UK SRP £399.99)
  • Available: November 22nd


For the beginner dj, the Hercules products provide an easy way to step into the dj controller world so they deserve a look if your low on the budget.  If you have experience with dj products and like to have gear that is designed by professionals then the Hercules/Consumer electronics style of dj gear might be a big turn off. The knobs, buttons and components are not exactly “mixer” quality and would look out of place in a club or bar setting. At $499, the VMS4 probably provides a better value with comparable performance but if your willing to spend around $600 then a Vestax VCI-100 would be the next step up.


The Hercules RMX edition was an easy choice for djs that wanted a robust controller with a built in sound card at a decent price.  Now with Re-loops, Spins, Typhoons and Numark all crowding the market, new djs have a lot of choices. To help make your life easier, we will be doing a comprehensive round up of all in one controllers under $500. If you have any suggestions, let us know if the comments!

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