Dj Booths are Getting Crazy!

With Djs playing bigger and bigger festivals, some top names have gone beyond the music to put together visually astounding shows that can be enjoyed by thousands of people, all at once. Top acts including Daft Punk, Deadmau5, DJ Shadow, Vitalic, and Etienne De Crecy are all equipped with next level visual systems/dj booths that give the audience a unique look into their performance. Continue reading for some mind bending videos including DJ Shadow’s brand new “Sphere concept” (above) and a simple way to create a similar effect without a giant budget.

Due to popular demand and increased expectations, a lot of big name producers/djs are taking their live shows to a whole new level. Even though some are incorporating instruments, employing midi controllers, or using custom software, in most live settings it’s pretty difficult to get a good vantage point to see them flex their skills in action. In addition, given the growing popularity of electronic music and the advent of numerous music festivals,  artists are getting pressured to put on “a show” in the grandest sense. Case in point, check out Deadmau5’s mesmerizing current live visual show (that can be seen below).

It seems like ever since the Daft Punk pyramid gained international notoriety from their “Alive 2007” tour, a whole slew of complex live visual setups have come to surface. While people have been creating quality light shows and on screen visuals for years it has only been recently that they have taken the natural next step to integrating visuals into part of the physical stage. A prime example of this is Etienne De Crecy’s EXYZT cube and Vitalic’s V-Mirror show below.

If you’re looking for a way to bring some live visuals into your personal setup, unfortunately there are not too many inexpensive options at this point in time. However, one budget minded option that would be relatively simple to work into your set is a midi controlled Colorsynth (shown below), that as a DIY kit only costs about $100 (for one).

However, if you’re really rolling in the dough you could pimp out your room with a Nightworks 3d LED cube, although your wallet could be empty for a while.

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