Time to Clean up the Comments

Loyal readers may have noticed a shift in the attitude in the comments recently. For the first 3 years of our existence,  the vibe was remarkably positive for a DJ site and we maintained it by sharing knowledge, publishing helpful articles, and maintaining a open attitude towards new DJs. In the past year however, as our readership has grown, there has been a shift in the quality of the comments. Tonight we will implement some important changes to help shift things back towards positive and we need your help in picking the right actions to take.


Dj TechTools has always aimed to create an online atmosphere like your favorite record store. Remember that one spot that was always super helpful towards everyone, not the elitist shop where new DJs or separate genres are hated on.  All styles of music, DJing and technology are welcome here, even those who still just love vinyl! Intense discussion, personal opinions and criticisms are also welcome on these pages. The only thing that will not be tolerated are misogynistic, homophobic, derogatory or inflammatory comments that only hurt the site and don’t push forward the conversation. That kind of stuff can stay in other forums and blogs.


From here on out, we are testing a new system of comment rating that will put the power of regulating this problem in your hands. Similar to Youtube, everyone will be able to rate comments up or down, bringing the useful content to the top and sending the less helpful ones to the bottom.

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In Conclusion

Its important to re-iterate how much we value constructive feedback and criticism. If a new article is bad, we want to hear about it because that’s a clear indication that articles like that should not be written anymore. This is not an attempt to squash or control any negative feedback. The goal is to find a constructive way to deal with a very small percentage of our readership, which don’t seem to get the big picture.  Thank you for all of your continued support of the site. The past three years have been a great ride and we look forward to three more years of even better articles, discussions, and cutting edge DJ technology.

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