Behind the Scenes With Joachim Garraud

Today we introduce a new series called “Behind the Scenes”, which takes a inside look at the technology top DJs rely on during their sold out shows around the world. In this episode, we have a nexclusive video from Joachim Garraud, the French producer and DJ who works with top names like David Guetta, David Bowie and many more. Joachim has been embarking on a killer “Invasion” tour and really pumping up audiences with a totally unique Serato video set that includes custom animation sequences timed to his live keytar performance. Continue reading for a full video on the technology behind his sets and a look at the tour itself.



In conclusion, the key components to the show are:

  • custom animation sequences timed to custom music edits for a totally unique show
  • sequenced musical notes with associated video midi-mapped to a keytar through Serato
  • Custom Quartz composer compositions loaded directly into Scratch live as a video source
  • QC allows use of the I-sight cam in Serato scratch live
  • QC also allows use of more advanced midi-connections in Serato scratch live
  • The Keytar used is a vintage Roland from Ebay (no longer in production)


Many thanks to Joachim for opening up his studio and providing everyone with a detailed look into the technology that goes into his show. We also want to thank Serato, who were very helpful in setting all of this up! If you have additional questions, please ask them in the comments, and we will try to get the answers.

Get more information on Joachim and his tour here

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