Kontrol S4: The Ideal DVS mixer?

The DVS and controller worlds have been largely separated until now. The analogue mixer is almost always the center of attention for turntablists with controllers occasionally showing up on the side of the turntables. Native Instruments dares to ask why and suggests you give their controller a try by offering a free Traktor Scratch upgrade for every newly registered S4 owner. Our understanding is, buy a new S4, or register your “newly purchased” S4 and you will be sent a brand new pair of records along with a Traktor Scratch Pro license. Sweet!


For those that missed it, the S4 has two phono inputs so you can connect the turntables directly to your controller and use them to scratch any of the four decks. The S4 faders then control the internal line levels and all mixing happens in the software. The prospect of using a controller as your DVS mixer is interesting and has a few clear pros and cons:


  • Easy access to all four decks at once in a small footprint.
  • Full software deck controls right next to the mixer.
  • Always available four channel mixer.
  • Internal mixing means one less A to D conversion (most top mixers are digital now).
  • With high quality faders and knobs, plus mixer spacing- the feel will be very similar.
  • Jog wheels can be re-mapped to effects or other interesting performance tools.


  • While possible to mod, it’s not easy to swap this fader out for something more battle friendly.
  • The wider stance means more space between turntables.
  • Digital internal mixing means you lose all that forgiving analogue headroom on good mixers with compression per channel.
  • You may grow dependent on this kind of a setup and miss all the deck controls when using a clubs installed mixer.
  • The S4 lacks a booth output, which for many club situations is a small deal-breaker.


Here are the required steps:


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This deal is done! We’ll have more in the future.

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