Invisibl Skratch Piklz on Practice and Techniques

We dropped into the Thud Rumble labs recently and linked up with three members of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz: Qbert, ShortKut, and D-Styles. These three guys have been rocking the turntables and sporting some mad turntablist skills for quite a long time, so we took the opportunity to pick their brains about techniques. For those that are in the Bay Area, all three will be performing at a special show called “Fader Fest” this Saturday. Yours truly will also be rocking my own special brand of faders for a special controllerism set. More info after the jump…

As a recap, the two major practice tips from the video were:

  1. Look to vocalists for voicing inspiration and try to copy their patterns (this will develop your ear)
  2. Use your voice, and your imagination to visualize the phrase and then let your fingers follow.

I was recently talking with Zakir Housain (quite arguably the world’s most famous drummer) about how he practices and Zakir had the following to say:

“I practice all day long, with my mind. I am constantly imagining and playing rhythms in my head. Then, when it comes time to play, I just let my hands follow the mind. “

Are you seeing a pattern here folks!? Jump into the matrix and anything is possible..

For more information and tickets hit up the official Fader Fest site here.

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