The Xone K2: New Allen and Heath Controller

Allen and Heath announced today a new side car controller similar to the X1, featuring a built in sound card and internal links to combine multiple units. A blank canvas, the MIDI controller has no suggested purpose, so we are excited to hear how you might use the new Xone K2 from Allen and Heath.


Audio Interface: Xone:K2 has a internal, four channel (2 stereo) soundcard.

the Allen and Heath K2 controller will ship with a matching case that brings them up to mixer height.

Latching Layers
By assigning controls to multiple layers you can give a single physical control up to three functions. You can configure all, some or none of K2’s controls to be linked to the latching layers system. As a quick visual reminder, when toggling through layers all switches assigned to a particular layer will illuminate in the appropriate color.


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