New Controller From Pioneer: DDJ-ERGO-V

Continuing with our pre-BPM launch coverage, we’re following the announcement of Pioneer’s entry into entry-level: the DDJ-ERGO-V. It’s yet another all-in-one two deck controller with a built in soundcard, and has a feature set that caters to, you guessed it, the beginner DJ. We’ve got the full details after the jump.

What does it do?

The DDJ-Ergo-V is an all-in-one two channel controller with jogwheels and the standard EQ, FX and transport controls that are expected in a controller. But the feature set gets a little bit more interesting than just the expected set:

  • Virtual DJ LE  – What many have come to expect bundled with prosumer controllers – but the included version  has been custom designed to align well with the DDJ Ergo.
  • Pulse Control – this feature is designed to be a flashy feedback to how well you’re DJing – with four different types of pulsing:
    Mix Pulse: Shows how close the phase of your mix is – the bigger the difference, the weaker the blue LED on the jog wheel.
    Beat Pulse: LEDs in the channel faders that “match the beat of the track (…) plus the strength of the light reflects output levels” – sounds like just a tweaked VU meter to us!
    Launch Pulse: When you press the load button, it shoots a light pulse towards the Jog Wheels. This is just flashy and fun.
    FX Pulse: Patterns around the jog wheels that correspond to activated FX.
  • Fully USB Powered
  • “Laptop Integration” – just like with the DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1, you can seamlessly cover your laptop’s keyboard with the controller! We’re still not sold on this.

Why Does It Look Like This? 

Pulsing lights all over the place, rounded corners on every possible edge, product photos with a MacBook Pro, and a shiny white backing. In our opinion, this all-in-one controller would look fantastic in an Apple Store. It’s sleek and drool-worthy, but still maintains a bit of a non-professional look in the process. We expect that Pioneer wants this controller to be seen by the masses in stores – masses who might not normally see DJ equipment, but would see this and understand and connect to it. More on that below.

Who is this for?

The Ergo is a natural addition to the DDJ lineup that came out at NAMM earlier this year – instead of making gear for professional, club DJs, this controller is clearly targeted at young people who are getting into this whole DJ thing. People who want to rock a house party (or a street corner?). Exhibit one: the promotional video above.

Look at all of those fashionable young people in really cool places DJing for their peers! Just like with Serato’s DJ Intro, Pioneer is catering to a very specific, hip-minded group of people.

Show me the money

So what does Pioneer consider to be an entry-level controller cost? The DDJ-Ergo-V is going to be £429/€499 – about $690. It’s not exactly cheap, and we’re pretty sure we’ll probably see plenty of other quality offers coming out of BPM that will be in this price range (for example, the Traktor S2 is $599, and we haven’t even found out what the new 4-deck Vestax controller will cost!)

Tech specs (we know you love this stuff)

  • Bundled software: Virtual DJ Limited Edition
  • Input terminals: MIC x1 (1/4 inch Jack), AUX x1 (RCA)
  • Output terminals: MASTER OUT x2 (1/4 inch Jack x1, RCA x1) HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT x2 (front 1/4 inch Jack, MiniPin)
  • Other terminals: USB B terminal x1
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.006% or less
  • S/N ratio: 101 dB
  • External dimensions:555 mm (W) x 280 mm (D) x 103 mm (H)
    (when removing the leg : 555mm(W) x 280mm(D) x 62mm(H) )
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
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