New Performance Knobs from DJ TechTools Now Available

After six months of development, we are proud to announce an exclusive line of high performance knobs and faders that come in a wide range of attractive colors, designed specifically for DJs.  Up until now, there were almost no after-market knobs available, so we decided to design them ourselves. The result is a line of modern knobs for the modern DJ that takes into account looks, feel and function. Offering a affordable way to personalize and improve your MIDI controllers and DJ mixers.


Several years ago we started selling a line of plastic knobs with bright colors (shown above), which were manufactured by DJs Face in Germany. The colors were a big hit but the quality was not totally up to spec so we decided to design our own from scratch. The mission was simple:

  • Make a fresh line of knobs and faders in a range of awesome colors
  • Make them high quality and defect-free from a trusted manufacturer
  • Look at every DJ knob ever made and combine  successful design elements into one “super knob”
  • Innovate in ways that make them ideal for controllerists and modern DJs
  • Carefully engineer the knobs and faders so they fit on a wide range of equipment.

Well, after six months of hard work, I think we succeeded.


With all DJ gear looking black and plastic, it is refreshing to update gear with bright colors that stand out and give better visibility in the dark clubs. The new DJ TechTools knobs and faders come in two sizes and six different colors:

With thicker center markets and a more chunky profile they really stand out as a serious product that is intended for real DJ work, not a plastic after thought from your average controller.


I wish the internet could convey touch, because it is all about the feel.  With so much knob cranking and fader throwing happening it seemed amazing no one had really thought about knobs and faders from a performance perspective. We carefully selected the right combination of rubber thickness and density to provide a knob that is slightly squishy and very comfortable. By eliminating all of the sharp edges normally found on many DJ controllers, you can comfortably get a serious grip without cutting into your fingers.

The super knob size (center) is just slightly thicker in appearance and feel than your standard DJ knob (left). We found them to be much better looking and easier to use without cutting down too much on space between EQs. The fat version (right) is even bigger and perfect for filters, effects, encoders or anything requiring a big surface area.

With everyone throwing faders around, why not also have the same comfortable and solid grip through out the controller? We agreed, and made matching faders with the same great colors and silicon grip.


  • The full knob line is available now! They’re in stock and ready to ship.
  • You can pick your own colors for $2.99 each with the price going down the more you buy.
  • Available colors are Black, Chalk White, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple
  • A VCI-100 or s2 set of knobs with all new faders/knobs is under $39.99 while a S4 set is $49.99

For a partial list of the gear they fit on please visit the product page where you can also purchase now.


You may have noticed I have not yet called these new Knobs anything. That is because we want you, our community, to name them.  To be honest, I think our readers come up with most of the great ideas, so now it’s up to you. What should we call the entire line and each model? 

Get crazy, because the winner will get  $100 credit in the store good for a grip of knobs.  Just submit your ideas in the comments and vote up the names your think are great!



the winning name, indeed came from this amazing list of suggestions. We chose:

Chroma Caps 


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