Introducing The DJTT S2 Backpack

We’re excited to introduce a brand new backpack to our unique collection of bags designed specifically for DJs and controllers. The DJTT S2 Backpack features a unique design that includes a removable case for your S2 or similar-sized controller, heavy duty backpack straps, a generous amount of extra room for your sound cards, cables, controllers and even full sized mixers! Click through to watch the bag in action.

Get your own DJTT S2 bag today in the DJTT webstore.

The Design and Story

Ean designed this bag in collaboration with Bumi to be a fresh take the classic DJ record bag for a new generation of digital DJ gear.  Many DJs loved our S4 shoulder bag but asked for a backpack version with more storage, so when it came time to produce something for the very popular S2 – we decided to double the straps and make it extra roomy!

Here are just a few of the features we like about the bag:

  • Independent Kontrol S2 case with plenty of padding to ensure the safety of your controller. The case is removable, and velcros securely into the main pocket. We’ll produce additional inserts in the future to accomodate controllers of various sizes.
  • The main pocket has extensive room in the interior and can hold multiple controllers in addition to the Kontrol S2. It will even accomodate a full-size mixer along with your laptop and controller (Ean has toted around our office’s DJM-900 a few times in it!).
  • A dedicated laptop sleeve compartment that is accessible from the outside of the bag so you dont have to open up the main compartment to access your laptop quickly.
  • The front pocket is equipped with lots of compartments and space for cables, sound cards, headphones and more.
  • Additional exterior padding on the strap-side protects the laptop and makes carrying a heavy setup super-comfortable.
  • Sneaky hidden zip-pockets in top flap and next to the smaller front pocket for hiding away valuables.

The Dollars and Cents

We’ve been testing this bag for the last six months, and I’m excited to announce that they’re available for purchase today, with the first bags shipping out right away. Thanks to the fact that we produced these ourselves and sell directly to our readers, we have been able to keep the price at a very affordable level for a high quality specialty bag: $139

Interested? Grab one here today.

While you’re at it, you might need more gear to fill up that bag… here are some excellent options from our online store:

Traktor S2VCI-400SE, and the Midi Fighters: 3D, Pro and Classic!


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