New NI Controller “Leaked”: Traktor’s Kontrol X2 and Video

Update: NI has released a video of the device in action – click to watch and see screencaptures!

UPDATED Update: We now carry the Kontrol F1 in our online store!

We’re ready to jump on the speculation machine after today’s leak from Native Instruments of what we’re calling the Kontrol X2  Kontrol F1, a brand new controller from the Traktor team that features a 4×4 grid of true RGB pads designed to work with the new Traktor 2.5. See the full photo inside, as well as an incredible prediction mockup of the device made by one of our forum members over one year ago.

Exciting Screencaptures

We couldn’t resist snapping some screencaps to get a better look at what the labels on the buttons are. Here’s the best main shot of the face of the Kontrol F1 dj controller:

Additionally, here’s a capture of the new sample decks remix decks- notice that they have sample groups associated with them with different color assignments for each sample that correspond to what the controller is showing on the pads – much like in Ableton with an APC or Launchpad.

And finally, a screencap of a shift key being held down on the controller and what it changes in the sample deck display – seems to be an easy way to enable each of the modes (Key Lock, FX On/Off/Cue/Loop Mode).

Our Psychic Forum Member

We saw the Kontrol X2  Kontrol F1 coming quite a while ago, but we’re pretty sure that the award for “best prediction mockup” goes to forum member joostiisme last year in this forum post in which he showed off his concept of what he called the “Kontrol FX2”. He also predicted two other partner controllers – if you’d like, take a look for yourself 

Traktor 2.5 Update

Perhaps the most important element of introducing this type of controller is noting that Traktor Pro 2 currently doesn’t have any type of sampling capabilities that would make the F1 an effective controller. We’re predicting an update to Traktor similar to the short-lived version of Traktor that shipped with the first batches of Kontrol S4s. This new Traktor version might feature enhanced sampling capabilities, including group loading of samples, the ability to assign colors to samples, cue points and maybe even keys?

Why It’s The Kontrol X2   Kontrol F1

It’s important to justify our speculation a bit, so we thought we’d point out a few more clues that indicate that we’re not simply looking at a new all-in-one or type of Traktor controller.

  • Price Discount – Native Instruments had a strong price break on the X1 for the last few months, usually a good sign that a new product in that line is coming around the bend.
  • Tag Team With The S2 – The Traktor Kontrol S2 puts samples on the back burner for form factor, and the addition of this controller will fill that void nicely.
  • Rounding Out The Product Lines – There’s a clear gap in the X series of controllers, namely the control of samples.
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