Must-Watch DJ Movies You Haven’t Seen

If you haven’t seen Scratch, Maestro, and It’s All Gone Pete Tong, you’re missing out. But most of us have seen these DJ classics – so we decided to investigate the lesser-known gems that really get to the heart of DJ culture and that you can watch right now! Put the popcorn in the microwave and read on to start your weekend off by watching some great productions!

Congratulations, you made it to Friday. Most of the TechTools team is deep in preparations for what’s shaping up to be an incredible April, but in the spirit of the eminent weekend we took some time to snoop around the web for the awesome finds below!

Individual Artists

Slices: Pioneers of Electronic Music Vol. 1 – Richie Hawtin

Arguably one of the biggest and most consistant contributors to electronic music and minimal techno over the last 20 years, Richie Hawtin is a legend who deserves some time on the silver screen.

Inside Ibiza with Roger Sanchez

Renowned music journalist Terry Church is the writer and director behind this web series that focuses around DJ culture on the infamous island of Ibiza. It follows Roger Sanchez on his residency and beyond, and is a fascinating look at life on the White Isle.

Documentary on Diplo

Love him or hate him, Diplo is one of the most important DJs of the last decade. This short documentary is a rare introspective glance at Diplo and his thoughts about himself and the world around him.

Genre Retrospectives

From Jack to Juke: 25 Years of Ghetto House

We think the description on this film explains it best:

Currently all the rage with hipsters worldwide, Chicago Juke music has roots that run deep. The film chronicles the birth and evolution of a genre over 25 years.

Pump Up The Volume: The History of House Music

This 2001 documentary follows the entire path of house music, from underground clubs in Chicago to the middle of the current incredible peak that house has hit over the last 20 years. “This is the story of the people who made House” quips the narration early in the film – and it’s indeed studded with classic house stars. This documentary isn’t available for purchase, but someone’s uploaded the entire thing (albiet in low quality) to YouTube!

Sampling, Copyrights, and DJ Law

Copyright Criminals

“There’s a copyright lawyer, and there’s all the hip-hop guys, and they’re all saying why sampling/using someone else’s music in your own is okay or not okay,” says Mitch Manchild, DJ TechTools’ production guru and the man who solders all of our Midi Fighters. “George Clinton is in this one as well – and reveals that he doesn’t like hip hop!”

If you can’t watch it on Hulu in your country, it’s also available for streaming on Netflix Instant!

Rip! A Remix Manifesto

This 2009 documentary focuses around how remix and mashup culture is challenging copyright all over again- just as the stars of Copyright Criminal did nearly a decade earlier. Greg Gillis, more commonly known as Girl Talk, is the main star of this film. Can’t watch on Hulu in your country or just want to own the documentary for yourself? Pay what you want to download it over at the official site:

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What are your favorite unknown films that are about DJing or DJ-related that you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add the highest-voted ones! 

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