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  • Great documentary about Richie Hawtin and the early Detroit Techno scene and raw footage from the late 80’s / early 90’s – great watch and very informative – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc6474KUBV8

  • Came across this great documentary about Richie Hawtin and the early Detroit Techno scene and raw footage from the late 80’s / early 90’s – great watch and very informative


  • Ok so I make no apology for saying this is the definitive dance music culture documentry, Came out on Channel 4 in early 2000s i think, I got the book and the sound track it is that good. If you like dance music this is a must watch, think there was about 4 episodes of an hour ? Either you will learn some s^&t if you’re not an old git like meh 😛 http://youtu.be/jpX6EnBmpPY

  • @skatizle

    watched how clubbing changed the world a couple of weeks ago quite interesting whould be cool to see armericas take on the subect.

  • Redskyy

    Awesome may i sugguest American Massive great doc

  • w0rdup

    the secondhand sureshots one was dope…all about true diggers.

  • probably you have lost this one
    about the history of house music in New York

  • Pump Up The Jam is also a good documentary about House and other forms of Electronic Music

  • Anonymous

    Great documentaries, all of them. Keep posting. PS: In “Flying Lotus”, loved the “grin” (smile) on the guy at 4:29. 🙂

  • Reedo

    there is nice, short documentary about DJ derek, a reggae/dub DJ who is in his late 60s, but still touring, and is somewhat of a legend in his hometown of Bristol, England.
    part 1:

    part 2:

  • latvian deejay.

  • Second hand sure shorts just blows my mind from an Inspirational standpoint. It is clear I need to obtain another record player and start my search for pieces of gold that can be brought into this post modern dance music era. Thank you DJTT for this find.

  • Surprised to see no mention of Pump Up The Volume – a 2001 documentary on the orgins of house music and the evolution of genres through the 70s, 80’s, and 90’s!

    Also worth checking out are Nate Harrison’s short documentaries Can I Get An Amen – on the origins of the most samples 6 second drum loop, and Baseline Baseline – on the Roland TB303 and its impact on modern electronica.


  • Ryan Supak

    Re: Bad Boy Bill routine: I feel that exposing oneself is a weapon in the DJ arsenal that has, sadly, been overlooked for too long.

    If a guy did that on the subway he’d get maced, but behind the decks: entertainment gold!


  • rfb

    The link to the first documentary article links to this very same page :/

  • Djzion

    Man this Brings back memory’s hell I still have a documentary on VHS about the club sin and raves and house music

  • Can anyone tell me the name of the track that starts at 1:30:34 in ” How Clubbin Changed The World” ?

  • You forgot the Modulations – cinema for the ear(1998) and Synth Britannia(2009) from BBC.

  • This is a Jungle documentary that’s unfortunately split into 3. If only I’d been there at the time…

    • I put this video up, yeah I had to deal with the 10min upload, but now I can upload as long as I want I will probably stick the whole thing up now in one, its a great doc from channel 4 in the early 90s, I was there at the time…$%^& me i’m getting old lol.

  • lexor

    PressPausePlay is really good. It goes beyond just music and talks about how the digital revolution has affected art.

  • tr4gik

    awesome djtt … 😀 u made my day. i was bored thinking of something to watch.

  • Clubbing sucks… at least my interpretation of it does.

  • Daniel

  • twintip

    Making Contakt, Richie Hawtin and friends during the experimental 2008 stage show tour, Contakt. I attended twice, and no pre-programmed Mau5 head/cube hijinx can ever compare to this.

  • Nick

    There’s a pretty good clubbing documentary on 4OD (UK) at the moment. It’s presented by Idris Elba (the guy from The Wire, Luther, Prometheus etc. Turns out he’s very into dance music… who knew?). It’s called ‘How Clubbing Changed the World’.

    • Nick

      Ah you added it to the main post. Although it was on Channel 4 not the BBC, not that that really matters 😛

    • I watched it in 2001 and video taped it, but the tape got old. Best doc I have ever seen, have you got a link to the 4oD page bc I have searched a few times over the years and have never found it on there ?

  • DonmecZ

    Dubfiles – Dubstep Documentary (2008)

    02:43 Hrs

    • Guest


  • DonmecZ

    Hey Thanks for this Article, I have not seen any of these yet except for the 1988 sampling one which oddly enough I just saw on Tuesday for the first time, It is quite revealing. I remember that vibe back then, I was only 9 years of age but I can definitely say that the chopping ninjas of back then really laid the foundation for most producers and production equipment now adays… You also get to see the level of greed and blatant selfisheness the Record Industry has always displayed and desguised as a crusade for intellectual property rights… bull sh!t… lol

    Thanks for these! Imma get my watch on this weekend 😀

    • AbstractID

      Ooh! Great inspiration for the long weekend, man. The Secondhand dublab film is fantastic. Love that feeling of finding some treasure in the used bins and creating something new. Thanks!

  • Koalafy

    RIP A Remix Manifesto should be on this list for sure.

    • Spin

      Completely agree, great movie.

    • tr4gik

      I think they posted that docu. on a previous blog post, search fo’ it

    • Page Won

      It was on the first one.

  • Shane Says

    History of House

    Early DJ Culture

    Techno – Hi Tech Soul


    The Story of Dubstep

  • rfb

    Link to original article?

  • The history of universal Techno! Must see!

  • search slices dvd on youtube. amazing 10-15 minute doc of all kinds of electronic artists!