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  • Guest

    Jeez! Bunch off winy ass racist ass haters on this forum here! Get a F@#$*&! life people…

  • I find it so funny that Armin has someone to roll up his sleeves before a gig, that’s totally how we should measure dj success!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I would have never guessed Armin v B. studied to be a Lawyer and was actually ready to be one too. Then he turns DJ. Go figure..


  • DonmecZ


    RE:GENERATION MUSIC PROJECTCan only be seen in the states 🙁
    sick of you ‘MERICA… isolate yourself some more why don’t you…

    • DonmecZ

      what’s next?… a great big wall around your perimiter to keep the mongolians out?
      wait a minute… You got that covered already down south :p

      • DonmecZ

        Editor please change link to

        So us internationals may also enjoy, and THANK YOU DJTECHTOOLS …you are about the only thing ‘MERICAN I respect these days

        • Spacecamp

          That one is not visible in the States! Country restrictions are so dumb.

          • wardtf

            Include both videos!

      • Umm, if you had freeloaders coming into your country illegally, making money, not paying taxes, and sending it back home to stimulate their economy, you would do something about it too. America is in debt, we can’t afford to feed mexican families that feel like they can waltz in to our country just because it’s a short walk/run/swim.. Great article btw!

        • DonmecZ

          a) it’s their land.
          b) Read Modern Money Mechanics.
          c) read the history of isolation china went through.
          d) who are you in debt with again? china??
          e) So wait, the last left SOCIALIST power is beating the CAPITALIST power at their own game? U.S. spent the last half century fighting proxy wars to eliminate this “SOCIALIST EVIL” in several small countries around the planet, just spent the last 10 years fighting 2 massively expensive and massively illegal coupe de stat’s but NO NO NO 16hrs a day working-free loader MEXICANS yeah… say whaaaaa? lol

          Dude this is why you guys are in so much trouble… that and your inherently corrupt monetary ponzi scheme fueled by ignorantly mindless cyclical consumption self appointed guardians of the status quo

          Much love tho

          • heres an idea: lets keep music and politics as far away from each other as possible okay?

          • wardtf

            Deal. Now let’s make a song about how evil communism is

  • djcl.ear

    Amazing how at 2012 the following mistake is reproduced again and again>
    “this documentary covers the scene surrounding the birthplace of techno music, Detroit”
    Back at 1978 I was almost a kid when I received (by mistake) a bunch of vinyls. I will never forget being at school and suddenly found myself repeating on my head a track from those albums, particularly one track I didn’t liked, but somehow kept repeating inside.
    I came back home on a rush to listen to that track… and yes after like 10 consecutive repeats I was hooked. That track was and is more Techno than most ever produced from that cited Detroit era, and nope, it wasn’t a fluke but an ever since bouncing in–and-out European trend that documentaries like that one fail to acknowledge.
    “Le Nuit Blanche” was the tune by Italian musicians Moroder & Bellote on their Munich Machine outfit.

    Keeping track of those tunes was my personal trajectory on Electronica and Techno, and no, I didn’t know about the superb Juan Atkins until 1994, but didn’t need him either in order to be Djing already electronica sets since…years before that. Actually got to add Felix da Housecat first from his tracks on William Orbit’s label Guerilla Records… Great stuff nonetheless but FAR from being from the birthplace of Techno,.

    • Pete The Pick

      Le Nuit Blanche is not techno – just because it uses synths and a drum machine does not make it techno – Kraftwerk you could argue or Tangerine Dream, but not Moroder & Bellot

  • Mauri Moore

    Thanks for share !

  • sam

    great, only, i dont speak dutch…. but it was nice watch armin van bureau move his mouth

    • Makoto

      There’s subtitles if you click on CC on the video 🙂

    • Macmillian Damascus

      Good job being a pleb only knowing one language, welcome to 2012 you bum.

      • wardtf

        Dutch is worth learning

        ( alle goede artiesten komen uit Nederland 😛 )

  • this is pretty cool doc also. the history of trap music portrayed from Mad Decent’s POV.

    • except there’s the problem that trap is the worst thing since dubstep, but only…. well… WORSE.

      • tr4gik


      • cool story bro