Featured Video: Nick Ngo’s Midi Fighter 3D Routine

Nick from The Bangerz and The Jabbawockeez sent over this awesome video that he produced of his routine on the 3D – watch the full video inside. He’s also shared his full effects settings and Ableton rack exclusively with us, so you can get started practicing a similar routine on the Midi Fighter 3D.

We asked Nick exactly how he has his Midi Fighter 3D set up in Ableton, and he was happy to share his effects settings with us:

  • Artillery: MF3D Buttons
  • Stutter Edit (purchase here): MF3D Buttons
  • Auto Filter: Tilt towards you and it will engage the auto filter, sweeping the LPF from 20k down to 650hz
  • Camel Phat: Tilt forward and it will distort the audio
  • Effectrix: Tilt right affects the global wet, making a “transforming” sound

Here’s the complete Ableton Rack for free to download– obviously you’ll need the above plugins and a Midi Fighter 3D (available in our webstore) to make it work.

Like Nick’s style? Follow him on Twitter – @NickNgoBangerz

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